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n.1.A flatterer; a deceiver; a cozener.
To a fair pair of gallows, there to end their lives with shame, as a number of such other losengers had done.
- Holinshed.
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Like "nickum", a dishonest person, "wlonk" meaning arrogant, "losenger" for liar or "fumish" meaning a hot head.
Wlonk arrogant Losenger liar Betrump deceive or cheat Rouker rumour monger Teen to annoy Ruff to blusterFumish hot-head Peacockize cocky Nickum dishonest person Ear-rent chatter box Parget to plaster face with make-up Percher social climber
Li reis comence a losenger, E tel oure est, a coroucer; Mes tant a purchase et quis E tant feit entre giu e ris, De jur en jur est purloinie.