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los´sy com`pres´sion

n.1.(Computers) The compression of binary data into a form which, when it is re-expanded, has most, but not all, of the original information. It is used primarily for compression of images and sounds, and is designed to provide a high degree of compression at the cost of a slight loss of data. It is expemplified by the JPEG compression standard. Images compressed by a lossy compression algorithm are re-expanded into an image close, but not identical to the original image; the difference between the original and the reconstructed image may be imperceptible to normal viewing by the eye.
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Fujitsu Laboratories has developed FPGA parallelization technology that can significantly reduce the processing time required for data compression and deduplication by deploying dedicated computational units specialized for data partitioning, feature value calculation, and lossless compression processing in a FPGA in a highly parallel configuration, and by enabling highly parallel operation of the computational units by delivering data at the appropriate times based on predictions of the completion of each calculation.
Based on lossless compression technology co-developed with the Weizmann Institute of Science, Geneformics D is an enterprise-grade Infrastructure as a Service for genomics cloud installations.
The lossless compression based on the recursive least square (RLS), which eliminates hyperspectral images' redundancy using both spatial and spectral correlations, is an extremely powerful tool for this purpose, but the relatively high computational complexity limits its application to time-critical scenarios.
By integrating the DSC encoder with its DesignWare MIPI DSI Host Controller IP, Synopsys is providing designers the opportunity to incorporate visually lossless compression over display links into their SoCs.
2) for interoperable, visually lossless compression over display links;
Audio Codec Market by Component (Hardware and Software), Channel Type (Mono-Codec, Stereo Codec, and Multi-channel Codec), Compression Type (Non-Compression, Lossless Compression, and Lossy Compression), Application, & Geography - Global Forecast to 2022
You can imagine lossless compression as someone breaking down a file and organising it impeccably well and efficiently; lossless compression is that person in your family who is really good at packing the boot of the car to go on holiday.
Newly added functions are improved compression by arithmetic entropy coding, flexible scaling options with versatile usability ("SmartScale"), and options for true lossless compression.
If necessary, truly lossless compression can also be achieved with compression ratios of 2-3:1 with MrSID.
In lossless compression schemes, the reconstructed image (after compression) is numerically identical to the original image and may be displayed as an exact digital replica of the original.
The coding scheme is a lossless compression strategy.
The images can be compressed either by use of lossy or lossless compression methods.