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(ˈləʊtə) or


a globular water container, usually of brass, used in India, Myanmar, etc
[C19: from Hindi lotā]


or lo•tah

(ˈloʊ tə)

n., pl. -tas or -tahs.
(in India) a small, usu. round, metal container for water.
[1800–10; < Hindi lotā]
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Noun1.lota - a globular water bottle used in Asia
water bottle - a bottle for holding water
2.Lota - burbot
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Gadidae, Gadidae - large family of important mostly marine food fishes
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En terminos de politica publica, la investigacion sirve para elaborar propuestas que coadyuven a aplicar cambios que vayan desde las tasas impositivas (impuesto predial) hasta la provision de bienes publicos (areas verdes, determinadas por la misma LOTAH (31) indiferente para cualquier densidad habitacional).
Shaikh Fares Abbad will lead worshippers tomorrow at Lotah Mosque in Busaiteen, then on Monday at Al-Rahmah Mosque in Muharraq and Sabeeka Al-Ansari Mosque in Isa Town.
Just I doing the nuisance, that guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with lotah in one hand and Dhotie in the next when I am fall over and expose all my shookings to man, female, women on platform.
Just I doing the nuisance that guard making whistle blow for train to go off and I am running with lotah (vessel containing water) in one hand and dhoti (the traditional Indian dress comprising unstitched cloth that covers body from waist down) in the next when I am fall over and expose all shocking to man and female women on platform.
Mohammed Ghunaim from Egypt won the prize for Scientific Innovation, Saeed Ahmed Lotah from the UAE seized the Economic Innovation prize, the Kuwait Association for Arab Childhood Progress had the prize on Social Innovation, the National Center for puppet arts of Tunisia won the Information Innovation prize, and Abdullah Al-Muharraq, a plastic artist from Bahrain, won the prize on Arts Innovation.
In case the Grade 4 boys do behave the same way again, they will be expelled from the school," Mansour Lotah, the lawyer from Pan Globe Advocates and Legal Consultancy, who is handling Hussain's case, said.
The newly elected board is composed of Mohammed Omair Al Mohairy, Salem Rashid Al Mohanadi, Hussein Mohammed Al Meeza, Saleh Abdullah Lotah, Yousef Ali Fadel bin Fadel, Abdullah Ibrahim Al Dabous and two new members, Naser Falah Al Qahtani and Abdul Raheem Mohammed Al Zarouni.
The award has been presented to many prominent Arab women, including Zaha Hadeed in the field of engineering in London and Rehab Lotah, president of a financial resources group in the UAE.
E Feddah Lotah, General Manager of Tanmia and Bert de Ruiter, Managing Director of Lloyds TSB Middle East, at The Dubai Careers Fair UAE 2009, organized by the Dubai World Trade Centre.
However, once South Asian and Muslim immigrants come to the United States, the pressure to assimilate forces many of us to make the transition from lotah to toilet paper.