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(loʊˈθɛər, -ˈtɛər)
1. Lothair I, A.D. 795?–855, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 840–855 (son of Louis I).
2. Lothair II ( “the Saxon” ), c1070–1137, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and king of the Germans 1125–37.
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Construction of a new 146km line from Lothair via Nerston to Sidvokodvo.
55) Benjamin Disraeli, from his novel Lothair, chap.
Wooden boards emblazoned with words like 'demolition' blocked off the entrance to Lothair Road yesterday round the corner from the Shankly Gates.
40 (6f 5yds, PS8,000 added): 1 BARKSTON ASH (J Hart) 16-1; 2 TOWBEE 33-1; 3 LOTHAIR (IRE) 6-1; 4 AMENABLE (IRE) 20-1.
Also in the works is a new 146-km line to be built between Lothair, in South Africa, and Sidvokodvo, in Swaziland, which will reroute much of the general cargo traffic that now clogs up the coal line.
Joining him on stage is Kristofer Harding as Rusty, Jamie Capewell as Greaseball, Lothair Eaton as Poppa, Amanda Coutts as Pearl and Ruthie Stephens as Dinah.
He trained as a Freudian at the Institute of Psychoanalysis and his analysts were Barbara Lantos (analysed by Ferenczi) and then Lothair Rubinstein.
While streets such as Skerries Road, some way from the ground, have been successfully regenerated by the club, streets closer to it, such as Lothair Road, have not enjoyed quite the same renaissance.
In 1136 the German emperor Lothair III sent Anselm of Havelberg as political envoy to Constantinople, during which time he concluded, with Metropolitan Niketas of Nicomedia, "that the differences between the two traditions were not as great as they had thought.
A similar throne--actually one much closer to the Byzantine models familiar to the Carolingians in its niche-like form--appears in the illumination depicting the enthroned Emperor Lothair I (reigned 840-55), grandson of Charlemagne and heir to the Italian portion of his empire, in the Gospels of Emperor Lothair I (Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, MS.
Blandings Castle was now used by the Ministry of Agriculture; Disraeli's Brentham in Lothair was crumbling behind barbed wire in the care of the War Office; while Mansfield Park had become a girls' school.
Nancy lives with her father Lothair Coningsby, her brother Ralph, and her unmarried Aunt Sybil.