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(loʊˈθɛər, -ˈtɛər)
1. Lothair I, A.D. 795?–855, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 840–855 (son of Louis I).
2. Lothair II ( “the Saxon” ), c1070–1137, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and king of the Germans 1125–37.
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In another scene, she has the odd good luck to panhandle Maurice Girodias (Lothaire Bluteau), unaware he is the publisher of Olympia Press.
Lothaire Bluth, the founder of Southwestern, will become the Chairman of the board.
Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau) bestowed a high honor upon him before the episode dove into the future.
(15) Voir, par exemple, Lothaire de Segni (le futur Innocent III), canoniste repute, qui affirmait: <<Licet autem unus tantum offerat sacrificium pluraliter tamen dicit offerimus, quia sacerdos non tantum in sua, sed in totius Ecclesiae persona sacrificat>> (PL 217, 844).
Now, it is well known that each word [[phi].sup.n!] (x) is cube free (see, for instance, Lothaire (1983)).
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The central character, Pierre Lamontagne (Lothaire Bluteau) returns to the city in 1989, after three years studying painting in China, to bury his father, Paul-Emile Lamontagne, who has died from untreated diabetes.
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Meanwhile, Reverend Murray (Lothaire Bluteau) cares for Angela at the Joy Of Salvation Church and whips his congregation into a frenzy with dire warnings about hell and damnation.