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(loʊˈθɛər, -ˈtɛər)
1. Lothair I, A.D. 795?–855, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 840–855 (son of Louis I).
2. Lothair II ( “the Saxon” ), c1070–1137, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and king of the Germans 1125–37.
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investment, BDP's CEO Mark Rosenberg will lead the group's routine operations while founder of Southwestern Eye Institute Lothaire Bluth, MD, will chair the board.
Lothaire Bluth, the founder of Southwestern, will become the Chairman of the board.
15) Voir, par exemple, Lothaire de Segni (le futur Innocent III), canoniste repute, qui affirmait: <<Licet autem unus tantum offerat sacrificium pluraliter tamen dicit offerimus, quia sacerdos non tantum in sua, sed in totius Ecclesiae persona sacrificat>> (PL 217, 844).
x) is cube free (see, for instance, Lothaire (1983)).
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Ironically, the French boy does not express the desire to kill but rather the longing to reclaim the Alsace-Lorraine area, recently seized by the Prussians in the 1870-71 Franco-Prussian War and an area over which the French and Germans have disputed since the Serments de Strasbourg of 842, a pledge of military allegiance between Charles le Chauve and his brother Louis le Germanique against their older brother, Lothaire, who had inherited Alsace-Lorraine from his grandfather, Charlemagne.
1922 Se publica con traduccion al frances de Jacques Lothaire (pseudonimo de Harry Alexander) en "La jeune poesie espagnole", revista Ca Ira
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Thanks to the work of such excellent scholars as Norman Sherry, Ian Watt, and Patrick Brantlinger, we know of several striking Kurtz-types, most prominently: Georges Antoine Klein, Emin Pasha, Major Edmund Musgrave Barttelot, Arthur Eugene Constant Hodister, Charles Henry Stokes, Captain Hubert Lothaire, and Captain Leon Rom (Sherry 92-118, Watt 140-145, Brantlinger 261, 267-8).
Lothaire Bluteau, August Schellenberg, Tantoo Cardinal.