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A former kingdom of western Europe west of the Rhine River. Created in the partition of the Carolingian Empire in the 9th century, Lotharingia was split in the 10th century into the duchies of Lower Lotharingia (in the present-day Low Countries and northwest Germany) and Upper Lotharingia (present-day Lorraine).

Lo′tha·rin′gi·an n. & adj.
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He also commented `whoever heard of such a mixture of languages in one army, since there were French, Flemings, Frisians, Gauls, Allobroges [Savoyards], Lotharingians, Allemani [South Germans and Swiss], Bavarians, Normans, English, Scots, Aquitainians, Italians, Danes, Apulians, Iberians, Bretons, Greeks and Armenians'.