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(ˈloʊ ði ən)

a region in SE Scotland. 758,600; 700 sq. mi. (1813 sq. km).
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Now if we could have the use of a boat to pass under cloud of night into Lothian, and some secret, decent kind of a man to bring that boat back again and keep his counsel, there would be two souls saved -- mine to all likelihood -- his to a dead surety.
I was abashed how to find expression for my thanks; but she was no less abashed at the thought of hearing them; begged us to lose no time and to hold our peace, saying (very properly) that the heart of our matter was in haste and silence; and so, what with one thing and another, she had set us on the Lothian shore not far from Carriden, had shaken hands with us, and was out again at sea and rowing for Limekilns, before there was one word said either of her service or our gratitude.
For the customary attentions of your Marquis of Montcalm--I warrant me, Duncan, that he of Lothian would buy a dozen such marquisates--but if the news of the letter were bad, the gentility of this French monsieur would certainly compel him to let us know it.
03 Contract Award Notice (below OJEU threshold) or call off from a framework (any value): NHS Lothian was tendering for the following equipment.
Haddington-based Wilf Crawford flew the flag for East Lothian during a long and distinguished career as a trainer and breeder.
David Lothian, 77, visited a Middlesbrough shop to purchase some shorts when he placed his hand on the woman's bottom.
COMMERCIAL law firm DWF has appointed former Anderson Strathern managing partner Andrew Lothian as its new head of casualty and general insurance in Scotland.
Is the West Lothian Question keeping you awake at night?
A report made to Lothian Police was passed to the Metropolitan Police for investigation.
The remaining units will be fully underwritten by Three Pillars Portfolio Managers as investment manager of the Borg Fund, Lothian Partners Hotel Group and Logic Fund Management.