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n. pl. ma·lo·ti (mä-)
See Table at currency.

[Sotho, from Maloti, a range of mountains in Lesotho.]
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(ˈləʊtɪ; ˈluːtɪ)
n, pl maloti (məˈləʊtɪ; -ˈluːtɪ)
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Lesotho, divided into 100 lisente
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(ˈloʊ ti)

n., pl. ma•lo•ti (mɑˈloʊ ti)
the basic monetary unit of Lesotho.
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Noun1.loti - the basic unit of money in Lesotho
Lesotho monetary unit - monetary unit in Lesotho
sente - 100 lisente equal 1 loti in Lesotho; one sente is worth one-hundredth of a loti
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Of the rushing couples there could barely be discerned more than the high lights--the indistinctness shaping them to satyrs clasping nymphs--a multiplicity of Pans whirling a multiplicity of Syrinxes; Lotis attempting to elude Priapus, and always failing.
Fareed Zakaria a pousse la provocation intellectuelle jusqu'a s'interroger si les Etats Unis "ne seraient pas mieux lotis avec un Premier ministre", en insistant qu'il va falloir trouver la parade pour epargner aux Americains les querelles et le blocage que connait Washington actuellement.
"Ils ne sont pas mieux lotis que la semaine derniere avant la tempete", estime Kirsten Mildren, du Bureau de coordination des affaires humanitaires des Nations unies (Ocha).
"We saw Ted Health, Dickie Valentine, Joe Loss, the Johnny Dankworth 7 when Cleo Laine was just one of his singers, along with Dennis Lotis.
"We thought he would run well as he has been showing us everything at home," said Lemartinel, who might need a new pair of shoes after thumping them on the ground as Albar Lotis and Versac PY raced to the line in a blur.
L'idee centrale est que tous les biens sociaux de base--liberte, opportunites, revenus et richesse--et les bases sociales du respect envers soi-meme doivent se distribuer de facon egalitaire, a moins qu'une distribution inegale soit en faveur des moins bien lotis.
Choose from the vibrant Lotis Blossom and Water Lily or the sensual Dark Amber and Ginger Lily, pounds 64 for 100ml.
Over the past few decades Steve Clarke has worked as Musical Director for artists including Ted Rogers, The Bachelors, Craig Douglas, Clinton Ford, Dennis Lotis and Jimmy Cricket.
Lotis Mirella, In Search of the Making Available Right, University of Ottawa.
En effet, au niveau actuel des prix internationaux, l'agriculture pampeenne reste rentable, plus encore, son avantage comparatif va se renforcer puisque d'autres concurrents moins bien lotis en termes de disponibilites de bonnes terres agricoles se verront evinces de la competition.