Lotus berthelotii

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Noun1.Lotus berthelotii - low-growing much-branched perennial of Canary Islands having orange-red to scarlet or purple flowers; naturalized in United States
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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For something unusual try the Fire Vine, Lotus berthelotii, which has red "parrot bill" blooms on long trails of feathery silver foliage.
TRAILING plants such as Scaveola, Diascias, Convolvulus sabatius, Lysimachia goldlocks, nemesia confetti and Lotus berthelotii and old favourites such as pelargoniums, fuchsia, busy lizzies, petunias.
Plants such as Bidens ferulaefolia, the swan river daisy, Brachycome, the Lotus berthelotii with claw-shaped, dark red flowers and needle-like silver leaves, and plants with cool foliage as a foil, like Helichrysum petiolare, are all available in garden centres.