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It was named in honour of French Navy admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville.
Such a man who refused to profess was, after a fashion, the French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville. He was like everyone else the inmate of his time; but far-flung travels, in which he was uniquely experienced, also gave him a vantage point from which to gauge the hypnotic power of the ideas he shared with contemporaries--and among these ideas, the system of assumptions I describe as Rousseauism.
Louis Antoine de Bougainville, "Developement de la route des vaisseaux du roi la Boudeuse et l'Etoile autour du monde", Voyage autour du monde par la fregate du roi "la Boudeuse " et la flute "l'Etoile "; en 1766, 1767, 1768 & 1769, Saillant et Nyon, Paris, 1771.