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Noun1.Louis Braille - French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)Louis Braille - French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)
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Speaking on the occasion, First blind Journalist of Pakistan, Syed Sardar Ahmad Pirzada said inauguration of Braille Book Corner in the month of January has a great relevance as Louis Braille (January 4, 1809 to Jan 6, 1852) who was a French educator and inventor of Braille was born in this month.
ISLAMABAD:The first-ever Braille Book Corner named as Gosha-e-Noor' was inaugurated in a ceremony at the National Library of Pakistan (NLP)on Thursday, marking the birthday celebration week of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille system for visually impaired people.
In a statement released Thursday, the ministry said this initiative, which coincides with the birthday of Louis Braille (January 4, 1809), aims to raise awareness of the organic law on the elimination of all forms of violence against women adopted in July 2017 and to create a public opinion aware of the need to combat all forms of gender-based violence.
1809: Louis Braille, inventor of the alphabetic system for the blind which bears his name, was born in Paris.
January 4 BORN today in 1809 was Frenchman Louis Braille and by the age of three an accident would cost him his eyesight.
Tenders are invited for Supply and delivary of equipments for administrative block for national friendly park at malakpet louis braille fly over at malakpet.
Young Louis Braille lost his sight as a child, but through problem solving and persistence, and with the support of his family and school community, he was able to turn a problem he faced into a remarkable system of reading and writing for all individuals with vision challenges.
It was invented by Louis Braille (1809-1852), who was blind and became a teacher of the blind.
Le projet co-finance a hauteur de 31 Millions de dinars (MD) par le ministere de l'Equipement, de l'Habit et de l'Amenagement du territoire et la Banque europeenne d'investissement (BEI), permet de reduire l'encombrement de la circulation sur la voie X2 aux niveaux des intersections Louis Braille, Alain Savary et le GP 10, oo l'intensite du trafic atteint les 50 mille vehicules par jour, a indique a TAP Mourad Hamrouni, directeur regional de l'equipement a Tunis, lors de l'inauguration du projet.
For instance, Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille by Jen Bryant is a fascinating picture-book introduction to the life of Louis Braille.
Originally created to let soldiers 'read' code messages in the dark (called 'night-writing'), it was later adapted by Louis Braille to create a writing system for him and other blind people to use.