Louis Joe

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 (lo͞o′ĭs), Joe Originally Joseph Louis Barrow. Known as "the Brown Bomber." 1914-1981.
American prizefighter who held the heavyweight title for nearly 12 years (1937-1949), successfully defending it for a record 25 times.
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Joe loUiS JOE LOUIS v MAX SCHMELING II Jun 22, 1938.
Louis Joe Davies, 22, of Dunoon Close, Stockton, fined PS150 with PS71 costs for theft, breaching a conditional discharge and criminal damage.
His petition asking for Louis Joe Truesdale Jnr be spared the death penalty for raping and murdering Rebecca Eudy appears to have done him no harm.
1942-( Ali Muhammad was 81) 1914-( Louis Joe of praise his in unstinting was who boxer heavyweight US The 3.