Louis Philippe

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Lou·is Phi·lippe

 (lo͞o′ē fĭ-lēp′, lo͞o-ē′ fē-lēp′) Known as "the Citizen King." 1773-1850.
King of the French (1830-1848) who was proclaimed sovereign during the July Revolution that deposed Charles X (1830). He abdicated and fled to England during the Revolution of 1848.

Louis Philippe

(French filip)
(Biography) known as the Citizen King. 1773–1850, king of the French (1830–48). His régime became excessively identified with the bourgeoisie and he was forced to abdicate by the revolution of 1848

Lou′is Phi•lippe′

(fɪ ˈlip)
( “Citizen King” ) 1773–1850, king of France 1830–48.
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Equally little does this view explain why for several centuries the collective will is not withdrawn from certain rulers and their heirs, and then suddenly during a period of fifty years is transferred to the Convention, to the Directory, to Napoleon, to Alexander, to Louis XVIII, to Napoleon again, to Charles X, to Louis Philippe, to a Republican government, and to Napoleon III.
daughter of Louis XVI = the dauphine, Marie Therese Charlotte, Duchesse d'Angouleme, mentioned above; Amelie = Marie Amelie(1782-1866), daughter of King Ferdinand IV of Naples, sister of King Francis I of The Two Sicilies--reluctantly became queen in France when her husband the Duke of Orleans seized the throne from Charles X on July 31, 1830, and was proclaimed King Louis Philippe of the French}
It was a very small room, overcrowded with furniture of the style which the French know as Louis Philippe.
There is Napoleon; who, upon the top of the column of Vendome, stands with arms folded, some one hundred and fifty feet in the air; careless, now, who rules the decks below; whether Louis Philippe, Louis Blanc, or Louis the Devil.
Villemain, Minister of Public Instruction to King Louis Philippe, had been entrusted with a commission to search for ancient MSS.
Then, chart in hand, we reviewed the travels of the French navigator, his voyages of circumnavigation, his double detention at the South Pole, which led to the discovery of Adelaide and Louis Philippe, and fixing the hydrographical bearings of the principal islands of Oceania.
They wander through the gray streets of the Latin Quarter, finding refuge now in one attic, now in another, in their quaint costumes of Louis Philippe, with their tears and their smiles, happy-go-lucky and reckless.
Crux; the leaders of the revolution which expelled Louis Philippe from the throne of France marched side by side, in the dinner-table review, with old Mazey and the dogs.
1831: The French Foreign Legion was founded by King Louis Philippe, with headquarters at Sidi-bel-Abbes in Algeria.
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NNA -- The Belgian Ambassador to lebanon, Alex Lenaerts, hosted a reception to award the prominent media figure, Paula Yaacoubian, a Royal Medal from the King of Belgium, Louis Philippe Leopold Marie, in recognition of her media, humanitarian and environmental work throughout her career and her role in empowering women.
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