Louis Quatorze

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Louis Qua·torze

Of, relating to, or characteristic of the baroque style in architecture, furniture, and decoration of the reign of Louis XIV.


Louis Quatorze

(Art Terms) of or relating to the baroque style of furniture, decoration, and architecture of the time of Louis XIV of France and characterized by massive forms and heavy ornamentation

Lou′is Qua•torze′

(kəˈtɔrz; Fr. kaˈtɔrz)
of or designating the baroque style of architecture, furniture, and decoration in France under Louis XIV, characterized by grandeur, largeness of scale, and lavish ornamentation.
[1850–55; < French: Louis XIV]
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The formal monotonous ticking of the Louis Quatorze clock annoyed him.
The hall houses some of the most coveted accessories and leather goods from powerhouse brands such as Louis Quatorze and Kwanpen, both of which are exclusive to Robinsons.
Toutefois, elle reapparut au dix-septieme siecle en France, a l'epoque du roi Louis Quatorze, sous le nom de [beaucoup moins que]Gobelins[beaucoup plus grand que].
We can easily understand the motivation of earthly rulers to not only compare themselves to the sun (as did Louis Quatorze (4)), but even to claim direct descent from it (as does the Japanese imperial family): What monarch would not welcome an association with a life-giving (and life-taking), all-seeing source of immense power?
While the Daily Racing Form still recognizes Secretariat's time for the 1 3/16-mile distance as 1:53 2/5, which would have broken Canonero II's then-record of 1:54 set at the 1971 Preakness, the Preakness's current official record time of 1:53 2/5 was later set by Tank's Prospect in 1985 and matched by Louis Quatorze in 1997 and Curlin in 2007.
Decorating designs included Louis Seize, Empire, Adams, Italian Renaissance, Louis Quinze, Louis Quatorze, Georgian, Regency, Queen Anne, Modern Dutch and Old Dutch.
Scanning the prissy Louis Quatorze sideboards and fussy damasks, one may question at what spiritual cost such compulsive perfection was achieved.
a Seoul-based user-experience (UX) design consulting company, has partnered with the Louis Quatorze fashion brand to launch Korea's first digital fashion store with 'Surface', the Microsoft multi-touch surface display.
While leading companies including BMW, AT&T, Barclays Bank, Sheraton Hotel and others have adopted MicrosoftSurface digital technology in their operations, Louis Quatorze has integrated the multi touch surface technology, which allows users to interact with their hands and gestures rather than a mouse and keyboard to provide an innovative customer experience, for the first time in the fashion industry.
Louis Quatorze responded by supporting Hevelius financially; Royer served as architect to the king.
Many came from the great eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English collections--and the English, unlike the French, have never liked their Louis Quatorze restored to look as though it has just left the cabinetmaker's workshop.