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Noun1.Louis Sullivan - United States architect known for his steel framed skyscrapers and for coining the phrase `form follows function' (1856-1924)Louis Sullivan - United States architect known for his steel framed skyscrapers and for coining the phrase `form follows function' (1856-1924)
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Pictured: Back row -William Kemp, Jack Hencher (captain), Rory Bell, Ewan McCormick, Callum McGlasson, Rob Gilmour, Louis Sullivan and Coach Les McGlasson.
Wright's role model was his colleague Louis Sullivan, who coined the phrase "Form follows function.
Other windows on display at the Morse were created by Tiffany's on behalf of many noted 20th century designers, including William Morris, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright.
Among them are William Buckland the first American architect; Chicago, the prairie innovations, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright; San Francisco, Berkeley and the gold rush, Bernard Maybeck; Los Angeles and the birth of the film industry, Rudolph Schindler, the beginnings of abstract modernism, Mies van der Rohe; and the New York five, "the whites," ultramodernists, and their conversion, Richard Meier, Michael Graves.
According to experts, the house, designed by world-renowned architects Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, is quite possibly the first house built exemplifying the modernist architecture style--not just in the United States, but also in the world.
Safdie is the AIA's 71st gold medalist, joining Thomas Jefferson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Le Corbusier and Arkansas' own Fay Jones, who received the medal in 1990.
Secretary of Health and Human Services Louis Sullivan is all too familiar with the myriad of challenges plaguing the medical profession.
Of considerably greater import, however, was Storrs's interest in the spare, decorative structures of architects Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, both of whom worked in Chicago, where Storrs was born in 1885.
Louis Sullivan and Tommy Thompson and the Healthcare Leadership Council say the Vermont statute "makes it harder, not easier, for health care professionals to identify and reduce the substantial variations that exist in the delivery of health care services and the considerable health disparities that affect the lives of many Americans.
Secretary of Health and Human Services, Louis Sullivan, tobacco's most formidable enemy and one who continues to carry the torch lit by ex-surgeon general, C.
Finally, in October, the majority party found four prominent Republicans to support the cause: former Senate majority leaders Bill Frist and Bob Dole, and former health and human services secretaries Louis Sullivan and Tommy Thompson.
Louis Sullivan had complained of the same phenomenon in tall building design in his seminal essay, "The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered.