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Noun1.Louis Victor de Broglie - French nuclear physicist who generalized the wave-particle duality by proposing that particles of matter exhibit wavelike properties (1892-1987)
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Address : Parc Innovation De Bretagne Sud Parc Innovation De Bretagne Sud - Rue Louis De Broglie - Cp 58 56038 Vannes Cedex
El caracter material de la dualidad onda-corpusculo propuesta por Louis de Broglie, se valida con estos resultados mediante la identidad accion-funcion de onda.
The topics include the genesis of wave mechanics, Schrodinger's cat and her laboratory cousins, digital and open system quantum simulation with trapped ions, the Bohr-Schrodinger dialogue on quantum discontinuity, and a few reasons why Louis de Broglie discovered Broglie's waves yet did not discover Schrodinger's equation.
8220;The separate identity of each String as Wave or Electric or Nonmetal, Particle or Magnetic or Metal, and Wavicle or Electromagnetic or Metalloids were deduced from the discovery of Photons and Electrons by the following Nobel Prize recipients; Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Louis de Broglie, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, James Maxwell, Richard Feynman, Ernest Rutherford to name a few and their colleagues.
Louis de Broglie (Nobel Prize winner and legitimate pretender to the Bourbon throne of France): "Why do I always get stuck with the bill?
7) Louis de Broglie 1892-1987 A French aristocrat whose mother felt that his seemingly frustrated efforts in the new science meant her youngest son, by the standards of the de Broglie dynasty, was a failure.
For those who get excited over the grandeur and mystique of one of the most debated realities of Physics -- the ' Quantum Theory' -- the book cruises past the lives and works of old masters and young turks -- Ernest Rutherford, Prince Louis De Broglie, Wolfgang Pauli, Erwin Schrodinger and Arnold Sommerfield, to name a few.
Louis de Broglie made a similar argument regarding the material atom: the concept of the classical atom, when interrogated, collapses upon itself to offer a glimpse of wave-particle duality.
Il obtint son doctorat de l'Universite de Szeged en 1946, avant d'entreprendre des etudes postdoctorales a Paris sous la direction de Louis de Broglie et de Raymond Daudel.
Louis de Broglie encontro que materia y energia, particulas y ondas, son lo mismo.
Todo comenzo cuando la particula fundamental de la materia, el electron, resulto ser onda, segun prediccion de Louis de Broglie.