Louis the Stammerer

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Noun1.Louis the Stammerer - king of France and Germany (846-879)Louis the Stammerer - king of France and Germany (846-879)
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He briefly explains some key events, like the Treaty of Verdun [843], which formalized the tripartite division of the Carolingian Empire, but anyone unfamiliar with the likes of Louis the Pious, Louis the German, Louis the Younger, and Louis the Stammerer (respective son, grandson, and two great-grandsons of Charlemagne) will need a reliable textbook, such as Roger Collins's Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000.
West Frankish rulers like Charles the Fat and Louis the Stammerer in the ninth and tenth centuries struggled against the local warlords, while the Danes colonised Normandy and marauding Magyar horsemen from Hungary brought havoc and destruction as far west its Paris, Orleans and Tours.