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 (lo͞o-ēz′), Lake
A lake of southwest Alberta, Canada, in the Rocky Mountains near Banff. Surrounded by high peaks and glaciers, it is noted for its scenic beauty.



Lake, a glacial lake in W Canada, in SW Alberta in Banff National Park. 5670 ft. (1728 m) above sea level.
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George Willard found Louise Trunnion in the kitchen of her father's house.
The young newspaper reporter had received a let- ter from Louise Trunnion.
When Louise Trunnion came out of the front door of her house she still wore the gingham dress in which she had been washing dishes.
In the shadows by Williams' barn George and Louise stood, not daring to talk.
Now, you are right, my dear Louise, because after these words, `Monsieur Raoul,' others may be put so significant and so incendiary as to cause Madame de Saint-Remy to burst out into fire and flames
Don't be afraid, Louise -- Madame de Saint-Remy will not come; and if she should, you know I have a quick ear.
If you call that relaxation, Louise, all I ask is to be punished every day; particularly when my punishment is to remain with you and write such interesting letters as we write
Leave me, Louise," he said, "for some one is coming.
The guests now all took leave of Athos, excepting the old Duc de Barbe, who, as an old friend of the family of La Valliere, went to see little Louise and offered to take her to Blois in his carriage.
Cavalcanti the company of Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly, her singing teacher.
Come, Louise," said Mademoiselle Danglars to her friend.
It was seven weeks after the first fall of the Empire, and poor Marie Louise, ex-Empress was a fugitive.