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The first volume of the memoirs of famed French revolutionary Louise Michel, dealing with her early years, was published in 1886.
Research on French Communard Louise Michel, who influenced the Iowa Icarians, comes to us from Casey Hanson.
The author relies on archival sources, and contemporaneous accounts from individuals on both sides of the struggle, including Archbishop Georges Darboy, feminist revolutionary Louise Michel, Painter Gustave Courbet, Communard Raoul Rigault, and Albert Hans.
1930) provided a glimpse into the wit and guile of these creative producers: figures such as revolutionary anarchist Louise Michel, whose 1888 play Le Coq Rouge was represented in this exhibition by her own drawing; and writer/performer Musidora, who is captured in a 1929 portrait by an unknown artist, her gaze liberated, defiant, and searing.
Eugenie's middle name, Louise, is also the name of one of her revolutionary acquaintances, and it unambiguously invokes the anarchist Louise Michel (1830-1905), who fought with the communards, as she does in the novel, and was deported to New Caledonia before returning to Paris when a general amnesty was awarded to the Commune fighters in 1880.
Athens - PNN - Yesterday activists of the French boat Louise Michel along with the American boat, Audacity of Hope, staged a protest in Athens, raising the sails in protest of the Greek government's decision of not allowing ships of the Freedom Flotilla II to sail to Gaza.
As the editor's excellent introduction and the substantive critical essays establish, many of the poems would be perfectly at home in another anthology--the regular verse of Constance de Salm in an anthology of neoclassical poetry, Malvina Blanchecotte and Louise Michel in a survey of worker or provincial poets; Delphine Gay, Marceline Debordes-Vaimore, or Anna de Noailles in a collection of Romantic verse.
Un o arwyr annisgwyl Comiwn Paris yw Louise Michel, ac ar waelod y grisiau i'r Sacr-Coer ron i'n falch o weld plac i gofnodi ei henw.
Flaubert, Maupassant, and Zola, for instance, will spring to the mind of the reader of canonical male-authored fiction, though we might also recall the explosion of French feminist thought in the decades following Louise Michel and the petroleuses, by writing sometimes far less radical in its feminism, as the work of Jennifer Waelti-Walters and subsequent critics has shown.
Under the heading "Recitation and Rebellion: Parnassianism, War, and the Fall of Empire" come poems from Louise Ackermann, Malvina Blanchecotte, Louise Michel, Louisa Siefert, and Nina de Villard.
The Women Incendiaries especially focuses upon the true story of Louise Michel, who was eventually arrested, put on trial, and sentenced to exile.