Louisiana French

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Louisiana French

French as spoken by the descendants of the original French settlers of Louisiana.

Loui′sian′a French′

1. the form of French spoken by the Cajuns; Cajun. Abbr.: LaF
2. any of the French-based languages spoken in Louisiana, including, in addition to Cajun speech, the colonial French perpetuated in Creole communities and the creolized language of certain black communities.
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40) With this ever-increasing Americanization, Louisiana French eventually lost its dominant positiqn, even in its own natural South Louisiana habitat.
Although thousands of Creoles and Cajuns still learned their French at home, thousands more would grow up without fluent knowledge of their cultural language as American radio and popular music, English-language newspapers, and school instruction in English began to crowd out any public or quasiofficial recognition of Louisiana French.
Brown considers the issue of developing a Louisiana French norm and underlines the need for language planners to take into account speakers' desire to identify with a local variety rather than an external norm.
Karin Flikeid and Raymond Mougeon deal with Acadian and Ontarian French respectively, and Pierre Rezeau examines lexical links between Louisiana French and varieties within France, and proposes a methodology for comparative lexicographical research.
HENRY & BANKSTON, supra note 34, at 149; Jacques Henry, The Louisiana French Movement: Actors and Actions in Social Change, in FRENCH AND CREOLE IN Louisiana 183, 183, 185, 190 (Albert Valdman ed.
Vide Becky Brown, The Development of a Louisiana French Norm, in FRENCH AND CREOLE IN Louisiana, supra note 36, a 215-35 ("Traditionally, CODOFIL officially promoted the French of France only.

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