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Noun1.Louisianan - a native or resident of LouisianaLouisianan - a native or resident of Louisiana  
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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And he believes Poirier will be a tougher challenge, despite the fact the Louisianan lost to the Irishman at featherweight in 2014.
They made the appeal recently in an interview with reporters outside Monrovia.The unpaved road leading to White Plain, Harrisburg, Louisianan and other areas outside Monrovia had never been given facelift by previous administrations.
Upon coming to town to start a business, Louisianan Geoff Jenkins pointed out to me that he had never seen a group of people who are more dedicated to helping each other as are the common Niagaran citizen.
Smith is a native Louisianan, practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anethetist and Officer in the Army Reserves.
While we can measure the economic impact of the program using data collected by the state, we might also talk with people in Louisianan communities about how they perceive the presence of the television and film industry in Louisiana.
To truly understand the complexities of Louisianan cuisine, take a cooking class.
And credit unions in other storm-swept areas of Arkansas, Louisianan, Mississippi and Texas also reported no structural damage.
Bucket 0' Crawfish uses our recipe, and we have a Louisianan chef.
("I would give a full accounting of time / but cannot remember it.") Skoog's landscapes turn out to be less Kansan or Louisianan or Californian or Montanan or Washingtonian, though he's lived in all those places, and more hallucinatory.
In ways similar to another study set in prewar Los Angeles, George Sanchez's Becoming Mexican American, (12) Sides traces the city's black migrants back to their Texan and Louisianan roots, exploring how racial discrimination in their home cities drove African American workers West.
Sherman obviously felt at home with his fellow Louisianan because he stayed with him for five years.
Hollywood seems to have turned to another Louisianan, Senator John Breaux, who joined with Senator Max Baucus to break ranks with the Democratic caucus and lend a veneer of bipartisanship to the Medicare bill.

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