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Noun1.Louisianan - a native or resident of LouisianaLouisianan - a native or resident of Louisiana  
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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Smith is a native Louisianan, practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anethetist and Officer in the Army Reserves.
The Louisianan, who has worked in the industry for decades, recently started his own oil field services company after he was laid off.
While we can measure the economic impact of the program using data collected by the state, we might also talk with people in Louisianan communities about how they perceive the presence of the television and film industry in Louisiana.
To truly understand the complexities of Louisianan cuisine, take a cooking class.
And credit unions in other storm-swept areas of Arkansas, Louisianan, Mississippi and Texas also reported no structural damage.
Bucket 0' Crawfish uses our recipe, and we have a Louisianan chef.
Skoog's landscapes turn out to be less Kansan or Louisianan or Californian or Montanan or Washingtonian, though he's lived in all those places, and more hallucinatory.
But special mention must go to the spellbinding puppetry by David Garrud and Sam Donovan - playing the lovable Dog, Louisianan blues-singing Frog and wide boy cockney Bird - who simply make the performance.
He's also a proud life-long Louisianan, who loves cooking up those delicious bayou delicacies the region is so famous for.
Stylistic coverage of the collection is fully representative of the musical diversity of New Orleans and the surrounding Louisianan region, ranging from popular and vernacular music, Creole songs, nineteenth-century dance music, Confederate anthems, Mexican and Cuban danzas and danzon, ragtime, blues, and jazz.
A blue-collar Louisianan who's long since settled down with his wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale), and their two kids, Chris is pulled back to the dark side by Kate's idiot kid brother, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), who botches his own smuggling operation and consequently runs afoul of a local dope dealer (Giovanni Ribisi).
As for their local color, Sonnier has repeatedly insisted that his use of neon was inspired by seeing gaudy lights reflecting across Louisiana rice fields, but aside from a few glancing iconographic shards, his work doesn't read as particularly Louisianan.

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