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Noun1.Louisianian - a native or resident of LouisianaLouisianian - a native or resident of Louisiana  
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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Middleton was among the first, of the new possessors of the soil, who became captive to the charms of a Louisianian lady.
Although a lifelong Louisianian, Rives has family ties to the Oxford community--her daughters graduated from the University of Mississippi.
The troubled and complex racial history of the South and Louisiana is sensitively and artfully explored through such poems as "Song of the Overseer," "The Given World," "The Sniper: Last Report from a Louisianian in Lee's Tigers," and "The Reenactor." These poems are neither an outright denunciation of all the South stood for nor an odious romanticizing (overlooking) of the South's legacy of racial injustice.
Both the Indianapolis Sentinel of October 24, 1877 (10) and the New Orleans' Weekly Louisianian of November 3, 1877 repeat the Times notice, with an error in the latter claiming that the ratio of pi is "4.14159 plus".
The New Orleans Louisianian newspaper noted that Marks would be unable to unify the fractured Republican Party in the district and would thus be incapable of winning the general election, even reporting rumblings that some Republicans would work for the Democratic candidate if Marks were nominated.
Available: http://www.epa.gov/emap/ (Louisianian Province 1991-1994) [accessed 3 February 2011].
CINCINNATI MASTERS SS4 & Eurosport, 4pm ONE of the stars of the American hard-court season has been 19-year-old Louisianian sensation Ryan Harrison and he looks set to offer a stern challenge to Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati today, writes Michael Brear.
As a Gulf Coast resident and lifetime Louisianian, I can't thank you enough for Julia Whitty's in-depth article ("BP's Deep Secrets").
Louisianian creatures bounced off the fabric stretched across my open mouth.
It was a call to civic duty as a Louisianian and former elected official that I couldn't pass up.
The Louisianian, for example, complained of the brutal treatment of a black state senator, Edward Butler.

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