n.1.(Zool.) See Lory.
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Louri O'Leary, who manages election administration, previously worked for Perry doing research on economic development.
Ownership structure is an incentive device for reducing the agency costs associated with the separation of ownership and management, which can be used to protect property rights of the firm (Barbosa and Louri, 2002).
Engineering/Facility Point of Contact (POC) will be Louri Call at 901-368-8278.
Cheyne Capital Management LLP said co-founders Jonathan Louri and Stuard Fiertz have received the award for outstanding contribution from HFM.
A positive effect of the leverage variable on the likelihood of exit was found by Fotopoulos and Louri [27].
Dunford, Michael; Louri, Helen; Rosenstock, Manfred (2001), "Competition, Competitiveness, and Enterprise Policies", in R.
Also, the ruins of the oldest human settlement in the Aegean (Epipaleolithic period) have been recently unearthed in archaeological excavations conducted at Louri beach.
Barbosa and Louri (2005) show that there is no significant difference in performance between domestically owned and MNCs operating in Portugal and Greece.
Barbosa and Louri (2005) performed a study in Greece and Portugal.
The study of sand flies of Iran has been started since early of 20 century mainly based on foreign entomologist works: Adeler, Teodor and Louri.
2007) has found the impact of leverage on labour productivity to be negative, others have identified a positive (Dimelis, Louri 2002) or non-linear relationship (Kale et al.
The qualitative analysis of DNA and RNA was performed in 0+4[degrees]C with use of spectrophotometry with wave length 270 and 290 nm with following calculations by Spirin (1958) formulae, the protein content was calculated by Louri (1951), the cellular organoids were isolated in the saccharose medium with method of Pokrovskiy et al.