Love day

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a day formerly appointed for an amicable adjustment of differences.
- Jane Austen.

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7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In line with the company philosophy of peace, harmony and unity, Chinese real estate giant Gold Taiyuen Group has allocated September 9 as 'Irene 9/9 International Love Day.
Best dad in the world love Gill xxx WALKER ALAN You are a really special one in a million Dad,you have always been there for me,love Stuart WALKER ALAN All the best dad/grandad hope u ave a great day love steff scott katelynn layton an loganxxx WALKER MARK Happy Father's Day to my amazing god father have a love day love you the world love Analucia and emilie x WALKER PAUL 2 The best dad & grandad happy Father's Day lv Clare, ste, steste, teig & bump xx WALKER PETER Have an amazing Father's Day dad we love you the world and back lots of love Chloe Lauren Erin and Tia xxxxxx WALKER PETER Best dad in the world
Players of "The Sims 3" with Seasons EP installed were able to enjoy festival events held in parks, several in-game items with interactions related to seasons, change of weather and new moodlets, and holidays for each season: Leisure Day, Spooky Day, Snowflake Day and Love Day.
Their (sic) is an "unofficial" holiday in Egypt called Love Day which is November 4.
ASMALLWORLD (ASW), the leading private global online community announces a first-ever special event in support of Cartier Love Day on June 19, 2008.
The results of the postal vote will be announced on May 11, the anniversary of Bob Marley's death, when the party hopes to stage a concert on what George has dubbed One Love Day.
So successful was this first "Walk" that it's since become an annual event in ten towns and cities, endorsed by nine police chiefs and by a Joint Resolution of the Maine legislature, which has declared one Sunday in June as "Walk with the One You Love Day in Maine.
21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- We're a month away from that ultimate love day, so show your beloved how much you care with products from Salt Cave Santa Barbara, North America's Largest Himalayan Salt Cave.
It brings to mind the hilarious Simpsons episode, where the cheesy advertising execs are sitting around a boardroom table brainstorming about the next idea to pull them out of a retail slump, with suggestions for Christmas 2 during the summer and Love Day being presented.
We both felt strongly that our love day should be intimate and special so that is exactly what it was.
We used to make love day and night but then things started to change towards the end of the first year.
He's someone you turn to for love day and night and all through life He's someone you trust, turns wrong into right Someone who believes in all that you do Loves you forever for all that you do A hand you must hold even in your sleep A heart you belong to a love you can keep This Colin is my boyfriend who I adore He's my pal my companion my love And even more that's what a boyfriend is for SUSAN BAIN, Heaton