Love charm

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a charm for exciting love.
- Shak.

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The other surf sites near us are called Blue Ball, Five Islands, Love Charm and Tiger Stripe.
As the “I just can't stop smiling” brand, girls know and love CHARM IT
Former accountancy student Luo Shum, 31, from Huan province, started his business last year and now sells almost 3000 spells a month, the most popular is a PS3 love charm.
SHOW someone you care, this bracelet with love charm is PS6.
For instance, Cleopatra's favourite stone was the emerald, Queen Victoria started wearing 'Jet' jewellery after the death of her husband, Helen of Troy is said to have worn star corundum, which is a powerful love charm.
Sharon Osbourne is being sued by a former contestant on her Rock Of Love Charm School show over an altercation during an episode.
Like Peterkin, Mary struggles with despair and depression; she finally rallies when she applies a love charm intended for July to his brother, June.
You should also grow some basil, that most fragrant of all herbs, originally grown as a love charm.
VH1 viewers don't just watch programs like 'Rock of Love Charm School.
VH1's "Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne" is created and executive produced by Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego for 51 Minds Entertainment, LLC.
A sprig of birch leaves pinned to your lapel will, according to legend, act as a love charm and attract romance.
In addition to THE SURREAL LIFE series, TV Guide Network retains exclusive domestic cable and satellite telecast rights to MY FAIR BRADY, FLAVOR OF LOVE, and the additional collection of spin-offs such as STRANGE LOVE, FAME GAMES (SURREAL LIFE ALL-STARS), I LOVE NEW YORK, and FLAVOR OF LOVE CHARM SCHOOL.