Love day

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a day formerly appointed for an amicable adjustment of differences.
- Jane Austen.

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But I am charged with a message, on my own behalf and the behalf of the other wives of our Lord Bulalio; the weeds grow thick in yonder corn, and we women are few; now that your love days are over, will not you come and help us?
He choreographed songs like 'Saturday-Saturday', 'Ladki kar gaichul', 'Thodi Jinni Peeti Hai' for Dilbagh Singh, and the movie 'Love Day'.
Decades before the love day was internationally recognised, the Arab world see iconic stories of loving couples whom endearment remained unforgettable over the years and even inherited across generations.
The number in the name of the event in Chinese "1314 Love Day Activities" (1314) is a homophone with the phrase yishengyishi (a lifetime).
We see His faithfulness and love day after day, as we know we do not walk this life alone.
You need your boyfriend everyday why push on some western love day when you are entitled to a whole lifetime of happiness?
SA President Jacob Xuma spent his love day clearing his office...Kalonzo was eating watermelons as he openly declared his swearing in ceremony is illegal!
On this love day, the most common form of expression is sent through flowers.
Talk about a new way of commemorating love day! Everything from matching upcycled shirt templates to Valentine's-themed recipes you only need a few tools to make your masterpiece.
Observed annually, the Wear Orange for Love Day campaign asks people to stand out from the reds and pinks traditionally worn on Valentine's Day in support of healthy, violence-free teen dating relationships.
"The couple are as loved up as a pair of lovebirds in a love nest on Love Island on International Love Day" - Commentator Jan Moir on the royal engagement.
Harrisburg, PA, November 01, 2016 --( Black Love Day is celebrated on February 13th, every year since 1993 when it was created by the founder of the African American Holiday Association, Ayo Handy Kendi.