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(ˈlʌvˌkræft, -ˌkrɑft)

H(oward) P(hillips), 1890–1937, U.S. writer.
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At 13, I became a born-again fan of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
Inspired by Lovecraft and brought together by editor S.
Lovecraft, no less, started out by trying to imitate the Irishmans dreamlike narratives and captivating word magic.
This is the second novel by Lloyd-Jones who continues to include Lovecraft horror elements in her spellbinding plots.
The exception is Honegger's own "From Faery to Madness: The Facts in the Case of Howard Phillips Lovecraft," which should have been placed before the Vance piece if the chronological arrangement were to have been strictly followed.
Lovecraft (whom many consider to be the 'father' of American Horror Fantasy Fiction) as the protagonist, "The Broken Hours" is an impressively well crafted novel that will prove to be an inherently fascinating and unfailingly entertaining 'must read' for the legions of Lovecraft fans.
A HP Lovecraft B Stephen King C Clive Barker D Edgar Allan Poe 15.
Kotaku reports that Shane has gone beyond Pokemon and has started teaching the neural network superhero names as well as a Lovecraft and cookbook mashup.
Lovecraft (1890-1937) is famous forwriting weird tales about eldritch monsters and the unfortunate human beings who cross their dreadful paths.
THE chilling HP Lovecraft story At the Mountains of Madness will be brought to life at the Square Chapel, Halifax, on Thursday, April 28, in an Icarus Theatre Collective production.
It's hard to say any more than that, because Lovecraft Country is a book that's best experienced as it's unfolding.