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 (lŭv′ləs), Ada Full name Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace. 1815-1852.
British mathematician whose writing on Charles Babbage's analytical machine provides an early explanation of the principles of programming and explores the potential of computers to manipulate mathematical and non-mathematical information.


, Richard 1618-1657?
English Cavalier poet who is noted especially for the lyrics "To Althea, from Prison" and "To Lucasta, Going to the Wars."
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1. (Biography) Countess of, title of Ada Augusta King. 1815–52, English mathematician and personal assistant to Charles Babbage: daughter of Lord Byron. She wrote the first computer program
2. (Biography) Richard. 1618–58, English Cavalier poet, noted for To Althea from Prison (1642) and Lucasta (1649)
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Richard, 1618–56, English poet.
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Noun1.Lovelace - English poet (1618-1857)Lovelace - English poet (1618-1857)    
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Lovelace!" said he-- and now I am known everywhere by this name of "Lovelace." They know EVERYTHING about us, my darling, EVERYTHING--both about you and your affairs and about myself; and when today I was for sending Phaldoni to the bakeshop for something or other, he refused to go, saying that it was not his business.
Here are two written by Richard Lovelace, the very model of a gay cavalier.
The first of these songs was written by Lovelace while he was in prison for having presented a petition to the House of Commons asking that King Charles might be restored to the throne.
From the equally chaotic product of Colonel Richard Lovelace stand out the two well-known bits of noble idealism, 'To Lucasta, Going to the Wars,' and 'To Althea, from Prison.' George Wither (1588-1667), a much older man than Suckling and Lovelace, may be mentioned with them as the writer in his youth of light-hearted love-poems.
I was so delighted at this that, as I signed the IOU with a swaggering air, I told him casually that the night before "I had been keeping it up with some friends at the Hotel de Paris; we were giving a farewell party to a comrade, in fact, I might say a friend of my childhood, and you know--a desperate rake, fearfully spoilt--of course, he belongs to a good family, and has considerable means, a brilliant career; he is witty, charming, a regular Lovelace, you understand; we drank an extra 'half-dozen' and..." And it went off all right; all this was uttered very easily, unconstrainedly and complacently.
Lancaster, PA, June 03, 2019 --( The Board of Trustees of Lancaster Theological Seminary voted unanimously to appoint the Reverend Vanessa Lovelace, PhD, to be Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Seminary, effective July 1, 2019.
Kent Lovelace, Professor 701-777-2918 *
Lovelace Drugs was built in 1926 in the heart of Ocean Springs, at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Government Street, and it was once such a place.
Lovelace, of the 400 block of North Union Street, is the second person to go to prison for the shooting death of Daniel Sanchez of Aurora in November 2015.
Tom Lovelace Company, LLC announced the acquisition of nine company- owned stores and four franchise-owned stores in the Dallas, Texas area.
Others include Prof Stephen Hawking, Enigma-cracker Alan Turing, nutritionist Magnus Pyke and maths' Ada Lovelace.
Ada Lovelace, Professors Stephen Hawking and Dorothy Hodgkin, the only British female to win a Nobel prize for science, are among the other favourites as nominations were opened to the public on Friday.