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or low-rid·er or low rider  (lō′rī′dər)
1. A customized car whose springs have been shortened so that the chassis rides close to the ground, often equipped with hydraulic lifts that can be controlled by the driver.
2. A person who drives such a car.

low′rid′er adj.


1. (Automotive Engineering) a car with a body or chassis close to the ground, usually with modified suspension
2. (Automotive Engineering) automobiles a person who drives such a car
3. (Cycle Racing) cycle racing a bicycle with a frame and seat close to the ground


(ˈloʊˈraɪ dər)

n. Slang.
1. a customized car fitted with hydraulic jacks that permit lowering of the chassis nearly to the road.
2. a person who drives such a car.
[1960–65, Amer.]
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Tonight, 7pm, St Peter's Church Hall, Roath, 07779 088623 MUSIC Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders Cardiff-born Andy Fairweather Low has been - and continues to be - the guitarist and vocalist of choice for a phenomenal cast list of musical luminaries, including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Phil Collins and so many more.
Fri 26 June, Tickets PS25 Andy Fairweather Low & Low Riders From his days with Amen Corner, right through to his masterful collaborations with Clapton, Dylan, Hendrix The Who, BB King and many more.
If it is a mix of music through the ages you want, then a concert by Andy and the accomplished Low Riders hits it right on the nail.
The Low Riders are also on the bill and have promised to delve into the early Lizzy material.
amp; The Low Riders @New Theatre, Cardiff (Monday) | FIRST, a warning.
25 when it bowed Robert Rodriguez's "Machete," rolling out the cast and crew in souped-up low riders in front of downtown's Orpheum Theater.
The 61-year-old blues veteran brings his band The Low Riders to the Lord Street venue on September 4 for one night only.
With just four powders and seven dyes, combined with the Onyx HD waterborne paint system, Carizzma opens the way to the entire spectrum of customized refinishing--whether for dub style cars, low riders, hot rods or racing cars.
Joe Bataan is another artist embraced by low riders who began with his 1970 Fania release Riot.
We're not running around in 'do-rags and low riders anymore.
Customized: Art Inspired by Hot Rods, Low Riders and American Car Culture," was a vast improvement on the Guggenheim's "Art of the Motorcycle.