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Noun1.hypovolemia - a blood disorder consisting of a decrease in the volume of circulating blood
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
hypervolaemia, hypervolemia - a blood disorder consisting of an increase in the volume of circulating blood
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n. hipovolemia, disminución del volumen de la sangre en el organismo.
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A loss of enough fluid can cause life-threatening shock due to a low blood volume (hypovolemic shock) due to a drop in blood pressure and low oxygen levels (from a reduced oxygencarrying capacity of the increasingly thickened blood).
But patients in group C might be a low blood volume and not awarded for a long time due to lag of conventional monitor indicators, leading to tissue ischemia and hypoxia, affecting postoperative healing and gastrointestinal function recovery.
Due to the inherently low blood volume of small animals, low injection volumes are desired so as to minimize adverse haemodynamic effects.
Advantages of DBS sampling are the low blood volume requirements, minimally invasive collection, favorable stability of many analytes, and the potential of patient self-sampling at home.