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Successive supply of vacuum tubes for blood sampling, disposable multicomponent apheresis equipment, disposable equipment apheresis donors with poor access and / or low blood volume, and disposable apheresis equipment for producing double packed cells of the Public Foundation Transfusion Centre of Galicia.
The drip was used to treat and prevent low blood volume in patients who had suffered burns and trauma, such as car crashes.
Anita Baxter, 56, of Tudor Court, Naas, Co Kildare, died of acute cardiac failure due to low blood volume secondary to blood loss in Tallaght Hospital on September 15.
The Kroger BGM is a no code, fast test time, and low blood volume system that has WaveSense technology for high accuracy results.
Circumstances may present, however, in which patients fail to assess their blood glucose levels on a consistent basis, with real or perceived pain during finger punctures for low blood volume collection as a major factor.
Volplex is given intravenously to patients suffering from trauma or surgery to make up low blood volume.