Low life

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humble life.

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Sir Pitt Crawley was a philosopher with a taste for what is called low life. His first marriage with the daughter of the noble Binkie had been made under the auspices of his parents; and as he often told Lady Crawley in her lifetime she was such a confounded quarrelsome high-bred jade that when she died he was hanged if he would ever take another of her sort, at her ladyship's demise he kept his promise, and selected for a second wife Miss Rose Dawson, daughter of Mr.
I cannot think they will help to refine the ragamuffins if they read them, and I'm sure they can do no good to the better class of boys, who through these books are introduced to police courts, counterfeiters' dens, gambling houses, drinking saloons, and all sorts of low life."
In these cases the whole plays become vivid studies in contemporary low life, largely human and interesting except for their prolixity and the coarseness which they inherited from the Mysteries and multiplied on their own account.
He told me it was men of desperate fortunes on one hand, or of aspiring, superior fortunes on the other, who went abroad upon adventures, to rise by enterprise, and make themselves famous in undertakings of a nature out of the common road; that these things were all either too far above me or too far below me; that mine was the middle state, or what might be called the upper station of low life, which he had found, by long experience, was the best state in the world, the most suited to human happiness, not exposed to the miseries and hardships, the labour and sufferings of the mechanic part of mankind, and not embarrassed with the pride, luxury, ambition, and envy of the upper part of mankind.
Todd's daughter was fully eighteen when her father first made his pile; so there isn't really anything impossible in her having a hanger-on in low life; or even in her hanging on to him, as I think she must be doing, to judge by the lantern business.
The fact is we are having to suffer crimes due to government funding of the police, and now all the low life have crawled from under their stones to commit even more crimes in all areas of the country.
Given the low life insurance penetration in Pakistan, healthy growth in gross premiums is expected to continue.
'Those casinos there have all the low life of society.'
[U.S.A.], August 14 (ANI): The United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday took a dig at the former Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault Newman by referring to her as a 'low life'.
If you're reading this, you're low life SCUM Aaron Folwell ...on Jon Gaunt's return to radio with three-hour daily show How low can one go?
Everything, apart from the money (which the low life stole), was still in her purse, including Holy medals and all her mementoes which she treasures.