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The Company also has more operative and well developed grades of Duplex Steel with different categories with high and Low steel.
Nevertheless, progress has been made on a string of pipeline projects across the region, probably be- cause of low steel prices.
The high debt to EBITDA can be partly explained by the low steel prices, he says.
Commenting, Aditya Mittal, CEO ArcelorMittal Europe and CFO ArcelorMittal, said: Today we reported a 34% drop in Ebitda, which shows the impact of low steel prices on our business - although we were able to offset some of the effect of low prices thanks to our ongoing focus on cost performance.
Britain, the birthplace of the modern steel industry, has shed thousands of jobs from the sector in recent years due to high costs and historically low steel prices which have been dragged down by cheap Chinese imports.
So far, such proposals for Tata have been met with a negative response by the First Minister, who maintains that the top priorities are tackling high energy costs and low steel prices, in combination with exploring the scope for tax breaks and business rates relief for businesses in the area.
Sulb Steel, a joint venture between Bahrain-based Foulath (51 per cent) and Japan's Yamato Kogyo, has embarked on cost-cutting in the wake of low steel prices and dumping, a senior official says.
The cost of restarting production at the blast furnace, low steel prices and high raw material costs affected SSI's finances before it announced it was going into liquidation on Friday.
The low steel prices in some countries, such as China, are due to the fact that their currencies have deteriorated, Hanafy noted.
Various grades of pearlitic and martensitic low steel and iron heat-treated to high hardness are gaining more popularity over manganese steel concave segments.
According to company guidance, the low steel prices seen in 4Q11 are expected to extend through 1Q12.
He considered that The previous low steel price has already approached to insiders bottom offer in their heart.