Low steel

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Despite these efforts we have been forced to take action today to ensure the continued success of our business given the record low steel markets, a barrage of imports, and the untimely and wrongful termination of our long-term iron ore supply contract.
The cost of restarting production at the blast furnace, low steel prices and high raw material costs affected SSI's finances before it announced it was going into liquidation on Friday.
The low steel prices in some countries, such as China, are due to the fact that their currencies have deteriorated, Hanafy noted.
The company suffered due to low steel prices and expects to perform better this year.
We have been able to take advantage of a period of low steel demand to carry out this major engineering project and we are still operating today in an intensely challenging commercial environment.
According to company guidance, the low steel prices seen in 4Q11 are expected to extend through 1Q12.
He considered that The previous low steel price has already approached to insiders bottom offer in their heart.
MY WEEK Punting high None Punting low Steel City Boy's jockey nearly came off at the start and the horse was a never-nearer second behind a well-backed stablemate at Lingfield last Tuesday, so that meant just the five winners in the Jackpot.
Bradshaw is a nervous passenger at the best of times but on this occasion his fear was paramount, as he refused to look over the low steel barrier and the deep ravine to his right.
He also referred to the currently low steel price and the fact that banks in general like such projects.
A construction boom aided by low steel prices helped lead to supply shortages and a trucking strike has left stocks of cement undelivered in many parts of the country.
STEEL maker Corus posted falling profits yesterday after business was hit by low steel prices and higher energy costs.