Low water mark

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that part of the shore to which the waters recede when the tide is the lowest.

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Pensarn - the area of the beach between the low water mark and the promenade between the embedded wooden posts adjacent to the cafe building and the embedded concrete posts at the western extremity of the promenade.
The more rapid landward retreat of the low water mark relative to the high water mark is the most alarming trend.
Over 20 years ago, the Commonwealth signed an agreement with the states ceding control from the low water mark to three nautical miles out to sea.
Stated simply, in its affirmation of the decision of the trial court, the Fifth District Court of Appeal rejected the ebb and flow test of Phillips Petroleum and reaffirmed the rule in Clement that sovereignty lands are limited to those lands underlying or immediately bordering on water bodies useful for public navigation and including the space between the ordinary high and ordinary low water mark.
More than that, let's celebrate this low water mark and always hold Saturday October 7, 2000 dear in our hearts.
This mining area extends from the low water mark (shoreline) about 2.
After reaching a career high point with his last film, "Affliction," Paul Schrader hits a low water mark with "Forever Mine," a strenuously straight-faced film noir wanna-be that edges perilously close to serf-parody.
However, through the Massachusetts Colonial Ordinance of 1641-1647, the common law of rights over the flats was modified to allow a littoral private owners to own down to the low water mark without a specific grant from the Sovereign.
Total estimated boat sales for 1996 stood at 618,850 units compared to the low water mark of 439,300 units in 1991.
However, over the long run, the "cured" population, through relapse, like water seeking its own level, asymptotically approaches the low water mark.
Fiscal year 1982 turned out to be the low water mark for property tax levels.