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A city of northeast Massachusetts on the Merrimack River northwest of Boston. Developed by a group of industrialists in the 1820s, it was a major textile center into the first half of the 1900s.


1. (Biography) Amy (Lawrence). 1874–1925, US imagist poet and critic
2. (Biography) James Russell. 1819–91, US poet, essayist, and diplomat, noted for his series of poems in Yankee dialect, Biglow Papers (1848; 1867)
3. (Biography) Robert (Traill Spence). 1917–77, US poet. His volumes of verse include Lord Weary's Castle (1946), Life Studies (1959), For the Union Dead (1964), and a book of free translations of European poems, Imitations (1961)


(ˈloʊ əl)

1. Amy, 1874–1925, U.S. poet and critic.
2. James Russell, 1819–91, U.S. poet, essayist, and diplomat.
3. Percival, 1855–1916, U.S. astronomer (brother of Amy Lowell).
4. Robert, 1917–77, U.S. poet.
5. a city in NE Massachusetts, on the Merrimack River. 100,973.
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Noun1.Lowell - United States poet (1917-1977)
2.Lowell - United States astronomer whose studies of Mars led him to conclude that Mars was inhabited (1855-1916)Lowell - United States astronomer whose studies of Mars led him to conclude that Mars was inhabited (1855-1916)
3.Lowell - United States poet (1874-1925)Lowell - United States poet (1874-1925)  
4.Lowell - United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943)Lowell - United States educator and president of Harvard University (1856-1943)
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Lowells ROI-NJ profile, listed on page 9 of the publication, highlighted his recent defense of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez in an alleged corruption case.
Lowells city solicitor, Christine OConnell, could not be reached for comment before deadline, but other environmental lawyers expressed mixed feelings about the ruling.
Next time you're in Buffalo--and you really ought to visit; the Buffalos and Lowells and Pittsburghs are so much better for the soul than Orlando or Myrtle Beach--take one of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo's open-air bus tours.
There have been many reviews of Jamison's book, and for the reader who is interested in a more conventional read, I will steer you to Elizabeth Bosworth's review in The New York Times ('A poet's pathologies: Inside Robert Lowell's restless mind," March 1, 2017) or Helen Vendler's review in The New York Review of Books ("The two Robert Lowells," April 20, 2017).
Here the Lowells hosted dinner parties for New York's cultural elite, and even some of the less glittering literati.
The transaction was finalized January 4, 2016, and Hogan Lowells LLP acted as exclusive legal advisor to Career Step.
The rich, ironic, refined prose of "91 Revere Street" presents Lowell as choking in the unbearable acquiescence of aristocratic Boston: a world of faded gentility and unfulfilled dreams, in which past magnificence turns to present destruction, just as the furniture the Lowells inherit from the Myers has lost its original luster and splendor, and looks uncomfortable and disharmonious:
Hogan Lowells has 41 offices plus five associates around the globe with over 2,500 lawyers.
The first Gardner had set foot on American soil in the early seventeenth century, and his descendants, intermarrying with Endicotts, Peabodys, and of course Lowells, were prominent Bostonians, owning most of AT&T, United Fruit, General Electric, and a bank or two.
After weeks of preparation including the renting of his beloved Elmwood, the Lowells sailed from Boston to Spain on July 14, 1877.
The Lowells, of Hamilton, were served with legal papers in August last year.