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(Placename) the Flemish name for Louvain


(ˈlœ vən, ˈlu-)
a city in central Belgium. 84,180.
French, Louvain.
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According to the Ambassador, Delhi's Ethel Rose Lowen, a hundred years ago born in America, was born in the Litvak family.
Wildlife scientific officer, Llewelyn Lowen, said: "It's a fun idea to provide Santa's hardworking reindeer with some food.
Matt Lowen and officer Travis Palki was lawful, and Springfield police Detective George Crolly detailed the events leading up to Nielsen's death.
MANAMA: Bank ABC has appointed Grant Lowen as group chief credit and risk officer based at its head office in Bahrain.
Bank ABC has recently appointed Grant Lowen as group chief credit and risk officer based at its head office in Bahrain.
Students who took part were: Edward Denham, Jack Jessop, Will Kynaston, Jake Reilly, Danny Stocks, Toby Thorpe, Lowen Wood, Josh Hobson, Dominic Horn, Joshua Parkin, Talon Hoyle and Jack Heywood.
Llewelyn Lowen, scientific information officer at the RSPCA, said: "Some animals survive, but very sadly many suffer fatal injuries, often as a result of struggling to get free.
Wales Construction, in partnership with Lowen Hospitality Management, had their groundbreaking Friday, January 22nd on a new Residence Inn by Marriott slated to open in early 2017.
The heart of the battle is Diyarbakir, where the Sur neighbourhood has been under curfew for weeks, as Turkish police and military flush out rebel fighters from the PKK - the Kurdistan Workers' Party," reports Mark Lowen for BBC News.
Cuban Hospital CEO Phil Lowen said the hostel will ensure recovering patients have the best opportunity to regain their health before being discharged from the hospital.
Senior Vice President, FHA Production, Ralph Lowen sad the "customized financing solution" will provide significant savings over the life of the financing.
Looks like a significant political change in Turkey: end of one-party AKP rule, a big voice for HDP and Kurds that will resonate far and wide," reported BBC correspondent Mark Lowen.