Lower transit

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(Astron.) the passage of a heavenly body across that part of the meridian which is below the polar axis.

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The large reduction in transit was largely the result of lower transit capacity due to the high level of electricity imports.
The strategic location of this centre will ensure that Ford dealerships in the east zone will have enhanced parts availability, reduced transit time, lower transit damage and optimal inventory at dealer points, resulting in efficient overall operations and improved customer experience," added Umashankar.
In Sao Paulo, protest organizers said they would turn their demonstration into a party celebrating the lower transit fares.
Downgrading its 2012 growth forecast from 2.1 percent last March, the report cited lower transit trade, plummeting tourist arrivals and weak foreign direct investments.
Payments to telecommunications operators were down 19% reflecting lower mobile termination rates and lower transit and wholesale call volumes.
Bulgaria wants the issues examined separately and fears that bundling the issues could result in lower quantities being pumped through Bulgaria to Greece, Macedonia and Turkey, which would mean lower transit revenue for Sofia.
It is a known fact that Turkey charges lower transit fees for Azerbaijani gas, compared to other countries" said Yildiz reassuring once more that Turkey would not make agreements with Armenia that would hurt Azerbaijan.
Perhaps what emerged as the most promising aspect of the Lusaka conference's proceedings was not just the tangible benefits the project offers in terms of delivering lower transit costs, creating jobs and stimulating growth in a sustained manner over the next 20 years, but the achievement it represents in terms of pan-African cooperation.