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A native or inhabitant of a lowland.


(ˈloʊ lən dər, -ˌlæn-)

1. a native or inhabitant of the Lowlands of Scotland.
2. (l.c.) an inhabitant of any lowland region.
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Noun1.Lowlander - a native of the Lowlands of Scotland
Scot, Scotchman, Scotsman - a native or inhabitant of Scotland
ساكِن الأرض المُنْخَفِضَه
-ka nížinobyvatel
der bor i lavlandetperson
alföldi ember
maîur sem bÿr á láglendi
obyvateľ nížin
ova halkından


[ˈləʊləndəʳ] Nhabitante mf de tierra baja


(ləu) adjective
1. not at or reaching up to a great distance from the ground, sea-level etc. low hills; a low ceiling; This chair is too low for the child.
2. making little sound; not loud. She spoke in a low voice.
3. at the bottom of the range of musical sounds. That note is too low for a female voice.
4. small. a low price.
5. not strong; weak or feeble. The fire was very low.
6. near the bottom in grade, rank, class etc. low temperatures; the lower classes.
in or to a low position, manner or state. The ball flew low over the net.
ˈlower verb
1. to make or become less high. She lowered her voice.
2. to let down. He lowered the blinds.
ˈlowly adjective
of low rank; humble.
ˈlowliness noun
ˈlow-down adjective
mean; contemptible. a low-down thief.
ˈlowland adjective
of or concerning lowlands. lowland districts.
ˈlowlander noun
a person who lives in the lowlands.
ˈlowlands noun plural
land which is low compared with other, higher land.
ˈlow-lying adjective
(of land) at a height not much above sea-level.
low-ˈtech noun
technology using simple tools and unsophisticated equipment and methods.
low-tech industries/skills.
low tide/water
the time when the sea is lowest at a particular place during ebb-tide. There is three feet of water in the harbour, even at low water.
be low on
not to have enough of. I'll have to go to the supermarket – we're low on coffee and sugar.
References in classic literature ?
Alan was advertised as "a small, pock-marked, active man of thirty-five or thereby, dressed in a feathered hat, a French side-coat of blue with silver buttons, and lace a great deal tarnished, a red waistcoat and breeches of black, shag;" and I as "a tall strong lad of about eighteen, wearing an old blue coat, very ragged, an old Highland bonnet, a long homespun waistcoat, blue breeches; his legs bare, low-country shoes, wanting the toes; speaks like a Lowlander, and has no beard.
55: Ascot Stakes - Coconut Beach, Lowlander, Leg Spinner.
By day two I was worrying that locals were probably gossiping about the latest wino- lowlander to descend on the city, stopping locals in the street asking them about the best places to get smashed.
Many reports say the Montagnards are banned from public gatherings and suffer restrictions on travel, economic discrimination and lowlander encroachment on their traditional tribal lands in Vietnam, but Vietnam denies the charges and has called on Cambodia to repatriate asylum-seekers.
The pair were all over each other during a night out with the cast of the new BBC3 drama in the Lowlander pub in Covent Garden.
Everything points to Mark Johnston's fouryear-old being better when he's on, or near the pace, but I'd hate to see Kevin Darley drilling his head off early doors to get on the lead, especially when the obvious pace, namely Dr Sharp (4) and Lowlander (6), will have a lot less to do from favourable inside stall positions.
DERMOT Weld will be expected to record a short-priced double with Amid The Chaos and Lowlander, both beaten favourites at Galway, at Kilbeggan tonight.
The story revolves around young David Balfour, a Lowlander who sets out to find his place in the world.
John Oxx has a tremendous record in this race and won four of the five runnings between 1990 and 1994 and Lowlander is the sort of improving three-year-old that has to be feared.
Dermot Weld, trainer of Lowlander ``It looks a very competitive renewal, but Lowlander is a tough campaigner with plenty of experience and I was pleased with his run at Leopardstown last week when he finished third.
Meanwhile, the punters who made Mohawk Star the 11/8 favourite were hoping for some relief from the Stewards as Pat Smullen's charge became Dermot Weld's fourth beaten favourite of the day, following defeats for Lowlander, Amid The Chaos and Zeroberto.
The Montagnards charge the destruction and closure of churches, bans on public gatherings, restrictions on travel, economic discrimination and lowlander encroachment on their traditional tribal lands forced them to flee Vietnam.