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or low-rid·er or low rider  (lō′rī′dər)
1. A customized car whose springs have been shortened so that the chassis rides close to the ground, often equipped with hydraulic lifts that can be controlled by the driver.
2. A person who drives such a car.

low′rid′er adj.


1. (Automotive Engineering) a car with a body or chassis close to the ground, usually with modified suspension
2. (Automotive Engineering) automobiles a person who drives such a car
3. (Cycle Racing) cycle racing a bicycle with a frame and seat close to the ground


(ˈloʊˈraɪ dər)

n. Slang.
1. a customized car fitted with hydraulic jacks that permit lowering of the chassis nearly to the road.
2. a person who drives such a car.
[1960–65, Amer.]
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Lowriders in Chicano culture; from low to slow to show.
Livin' the Low Life, which premiered in February, delves deeper into the world of lowriders than any media before it, building the lowrider into a weekly addiction for anyone who's wild about super cars and stylish vehicles.
The prosecution opened its case against Steinberg and co-defendant Jeffrey Weaver, 37, promising a story involving a member of the Nazi Lowriders prison gang and "people with dark hearts.
Livin' the Low Life, hosted by model/actress Vida Guerra, will go deeper into the world of lowriders than any media before it, taking the lowrider and building it into a weekly addiction for anyone who's wild about super cars and stylish vehicles.
As a kid, he'd cruise with his old man in a '59 Pontiac Bonneville and bounce around in the back of his siblings' lowriders.
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born Latinos to urban culture - graffiti art, hip hop, reggaeton, and lowriders, among others.
SAN FERNANDO - San Fernando residents packed Brand Boulevard on Sunday to cheer on marching bands, costumed equestrians and lowriders during the city's holiday parade.
The car show features spectacular customized vehicles ranging from traditional lowriders and bombs -- defined as 1955 and older -- to trucks, SUVs, luxury models, sport compacts, bicycles and tricycles.
LowLos, A weekly show dedicated to Lowriders and the Lowriding culture, lifestyle.
On Saturday, elaborate altars lined the streets, paintings hung from underneath a tent and impeccably painted lowriders stood along the avenue.
Hundreds of highly customized vehicles in categories ranging from Traditional Lowriders, Bombs -- defined as 1954 and older -- Trucks and SUVs to Luxury, Custom Compacts, Bicycles and Tricycles in addition to a day full of festivities make Lowrider Super Show 2003 the largest ever.