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or low-rid·er or low rider  (lō′rī′dər)
1. A customized car whose springs have been shortened so that the chassis rides close to the ground, often equipped with hydraulic lifts that can be controlled by the driver.
2. A person who drives such a car.

low′rid′er adj.


1. (Automotive Engineering) a car with a body or chassis close to the ground, usually with modified suspension
2. (Automotive Engineering) automobiles a person who drives such a car
3. (Cycle Racing) cycle racing a bicycle with a frame and seat close to the ground


(ˈloʊˈraɪ dər)

n. Slang.
1. a customized car fitted with hydraulic jacks that permit lowering of the chassis nearly to the road.
2. a person who drives such a car.
[1960–65, Amer.]
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Longoria has also appeared in films such as The Sentinel, Over Her Dead Body, For Greater Glory, Frontera and Lowriders .
Shawn: ( ) There's Black people with lowriders too.
In Lowriders to the Center of the Earth, Lupe Impala, El Chavo Flapjack (the octopus), and Elirio Malaria (the mosquito) now own their own garage as well as their super lowrider, but a series of earthquakes rocks their town, and then their cat, Genie, goes missing.
The book is written in rhyme and includes all kinds of cars from the ordinary, such as convertibles and taxi cabs, to the unusual, such as limousines, clown cars, and lowriders.
Identidades y movilidades de bikers y lowriders en Tijuana, Mexico, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 2014, 180 pp.
MUSIC Andy Fairweather Low and The Lowriders Andy first came to prominence as the lead singer in Amen Corner, with hits such as Bend Me Shape Me, Hello Suzy and (If Paradise is) Half As Nice.
On the court, Bears were given a tough introduction to live at the higher level when they went down 52-33 at Norwich Lowriders.
Cultural historian Denise Sandoval explains the emergence of Chicano lowriders after the Second World War when working class Chicanos, with technical skills gleaned from military service, co-opted surplus military technology and cast-off automobile parts to build customized automobiles.
It offers an introduction to the broad roots of Latino culture, including living traditions, rites of passage, folk culture, popular culture, and other forms of shared expression, encompassing high culture, such as art, film, literature, as well as street gangs, lowriders, Santeria, and hip hop culture.
with it's varied subcultural roots steeped in everything from gangs and lowriders, hotrods and motocross, to BMX, surfing, punk rock and vertical skating.
The car show will feature dozens of lowriders, a hop contest and cash prize for "best of show" contestants," says Francesca Zeifman of Sweetwater.
It wasn't exactly a trip down Whittier Boulevard, but a parking lot at Lane Community College on Sunday drew one of the biggest collections of candy-colored, chromed-up lowriders Eugene has ever seen.