lucha libre

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lu·cha li·bre

(lo͞o′chə lē′brā′)
A form of professional wrestling developed in Mexico in the early 1900s, in which competitors typically wear colorful masks that obscure their identities.

[Mexican Spanish (literally, "free fighting") : Spanish lucha, wrestling, fighting, fight (from luchar, to wrestle, fight, from Vulgar Latin *luctāre, from Latin luctārī, to wrestle, possibly a frequentative verb ultimately from Proto-Italic *luktos, bent, and akin to Greek lugos, flexible twig of the chaste tree, withy, and Lithuanian lugnas, flexible) + Spanish libre, free (from Latin līber; see leudh- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]

lucha libre

(ˈluːtʃə ˈliːbrə)
a form of freestyle wrestling originating in Mexico
[Spanish, literally: free fighting]
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Other recently added casino games include Lucha Libre Video Slot and Suit 'Em Up Blackjack.
With the sun shining, amilies flocked to see the high-flying, acrobatic, Lucha Libre action at the Toffee Factory in Ouseburn.
Esta campana contempla que en las funciones de lucha libre en Hidalgo, Puebla, Jalisco y Queretaro, se distribuyan materiales con mensajes alusivos a la prevencion y deteccion del Cancer.
* "La Mascara del Mundial" se trasladara del cuadrilatero de lucha libre al estadio de futbol gracias a la iniciativa de los empresarios mexicanos Monica Tinoco y Edgar Patino, ambos aficionados a ambes espectaculos, creadores de los disenos de las mascaras de las 32 selecciones que estaran presentes en Sudafrica.
El folclor de la lucha libre se comienza a sentir desde que nos adentramos en la Avenida Chapultepec, de Ciudad de Mexico.
A quintet of unlikely men--all anonymous, all from humble backgrounds--takes on the style and appearance of Mexican pro wrestling's "lucha libre" persona that was lovingly spoofed for gringo ands in "Nacho Libre." The lineup includes Fray Tormenta, Super Gay, Super Barrio, Ecologista Universal and Super Animal.
When he sees the adoration a professional wrestler receives, he puts on a mask and cape and becomes Nacho the wrestler in an attempt win the local Lucha Libre tournament and the $200 prize.
LUCHA LIBRE MELEE is the title of the Eugene Weekly's pre-Cinco de Mayo party.
Sin embargo, en esa funcion la lucha libre mexicana interrumpio su destino.
You can sample Moroccan delights at Kasbah, enjoy Caribbean cuisine at Raggas, Mexican at Lucha Libre or Indian street food at Mowgli.
Fortunately, Nikko's mother observes in the end that even the great and might Nikko, king of Lucha Libre, needs to sleep once in a while.