lucha libre

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lu·cha li·bre

(lo͞o′chə lē′brā′)
A form of professional wrestling developed in Mexico in the early 1900s, in which competitors typically wear colorful masks that obscure their identities.

[Mexican Spanish (literally, "free fighting") : Spanish lucha, wrestling, fighting, fight (from luchar, to wrestle, fight, from Vulgar Latin *luctāre, from Latin luctārī, to wrestle, possibly a frequentative verb ultimately from Proto-Italic *luktos, bent, and akin to Greek lugos, flexible twig of the chaste tree, withy, and Lithuanian lugnas, flexible) + Spanish libre, free (from Latin līber; see leudh- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]

lucha libre

(ˈluːtʃə ˈliːbrə)
a form of freestyle wrestling originating in Mexico
[Spanish, literally: free fighting]
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Tenders are invited for renovation and improvement of the water supply service for human consumption and sewerage network in the neighborhood of fatima, farmer and adjacent streets, alicante, luchador and martn lutero king del c.U.
Still shy and unsure of how a Malaysian crowd would react to a hijab-wearing Muslim girl, Nor Diana decided to fight with a luchador mask on.
Ahora resulta que uno de los abogados mas cercanos al viejo regimen es de repente un gran luchador por la justicia y ademas demuestra su valentia incumpliendo las instrucciones del verdadero luchador social que hoy despacha en Palacio Nacional.
The Singh brothers teamed up with Jinder Mahal in a fun match against thrilling luchador trio the Lucha House Party.
The al-Kuwari-Ghazali combine also had Anima Rock and Luchador enter the winner's circle earlier in the day.
The Al Rayyan Stakes also had a breath-taking finale when Concierge and Luchador, owned by Khalifa bin Sheail and trained by Ghazali, darted down the home front.
Corbin looked to have the match won, when a luchador, dressed all in gold, gave him three German suplexes and clotheslined him out of the ring to win the match.
Once every so often, RBR+TVBR's ownJefe Luchador, Eric Rhoads , will forward an item deemed noteworthy to the Hollywood newsroom.
Igual de absurdos y reprobables son los insultos a Marti Batres, quien siendo nino se incorporo a la militancia politica en el Partido Comunista y desde entonces ha sido un insobornable luchador por las causas populares.
was a fun adventure game where a farmer was bestowed with the powers of a luchador to save the love of his life.
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Luchador, Aloft Palm Jumeirah, on May 5 from 12.30pm to 5.30pm under a Mexican-themed roof.