lucha libre

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lu·cha li·bre

(lo͞o′chə lē′brā′)
A form of professional wrestling developed in Mexico in the early 1900s, in which competitors typically wear colorful masks that obscure their identities.

[Mexican Spanish (literally, "free fighting") : Spanish lucha, wrestling, fighting, fight (from luchar, to wrestle, fight, from Vulgar Latin *luctāre, from Latin luctārī, to wrestle, possibly a frequentative verb ultimately from Proto-Italic *luktos, bent, and akin to Greek lugos, flexible twig of the chaste tree, withy, and Lithuanian lugnas, flexible) + Spanish libre, free (from Latin līber; see leudh- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots).]
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lucha libre

(ˈluːtʃə ˈliːbrə)
a form of freestyle wrestling originating in Mexico
[Spanish, literally: free fighting]
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Among other non-Buddhist elements, it includes a masked villain who creates and manipulates luchadores. This, and other aspects of the book's freewheeling humor, prevent it from ever becoming a dour meditation; above all else, Karma Police entertains.
Hispanic boys who are learning to count, read, and draw will adore "The Great and Mighty Nikko!" It's masked luchadores who make up the mighty Luche Libre Ring prove no match for the great and Mighty Nikko.
The crowd bursts into catcalls and cheers as three luchadores swagger onto the ring in glamorous see-through robes.
Frankenstein, to movies featuring luchadores facing the armies of the undead.
The intense bouts, which attracted a packed audience, included favourite luchadores, such as the leader of the evil rudos Blue Demon Junior, El Paso's favourite head-locker Cassandro and the acrobatic Magno.