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n. pl. lucidas
The brightest star in a constellation: Rigel is the lucida of the constellation Orion.

[New Latin (stēlla) lūcida : stēlla, star + lūcida, feminine of lūcidus, bright, clear, shining; see lucid.]
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Me and Si have played at Leeds Fest before in an old band (Lucida Console) and we just didn't give it a good go, we were too young for it.
Other than We Are Scientists, we have support from Lucida Console, a Halifax band currently touring the country with a car and van.
The Hurt Process, Dopamine, Midasuno, When Reason Sleeps, Call Me Crusader, The Lucida Console, 8pm.
I'd also take a CD from my son's collection, Lucida Console.
On stage will be four bands - Redcarsgofaster, The Strange Death of Liberal England, The Lucida Console and The Jakpot.
q Barnsley, Lucorum REDCARSGOFASTER + The Strange Death Of Liberal England + The Jakpot + The Lucida Console