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n. pl. lucidas
The brightest star in a constellation: Rigel is the lucida of the constellation Orion.

[New Latin (stēlla) lūcida : stēlla, star + lūcida, feminine of lūcidus, bright, clear, shining; see lucid.]
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The sentences were written either with a serif font (Lucida) or with a sans serif font of the same family (Lucida Sans)--similarly to the word-recognition experiment of Moret-Tatay and Perea (2011) and the rapid serial visual presentation experiment of Morris et al., (2002).
Therefore, the following designs are not adequate (the bar is too long or too short): Excelsior (77%), Garamond (49%), Lucida Sans (71%) and Neutra (41%).
Lucida Sans (named after the font) dreams of becoming famous.
But when a fellow student, Lucida Sans, enters her life, Elaine must learn what it means to care about someone else.
The four new fonts are Times New Roman for Navajo, Lucida Sans for Navajo, Courier for Navajo and Arial for Navajo.
Additionally, for White participants, Lucida Sans Italic did not fall cleanly into the "friendliness" group of typefaces; instead, it loaded equally on "directness" and "friendliness." For Hispanic participants, Lydian BT was grouped with the "elegance" cluster rather than with the "directness" cluster.