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a.1.Of or pertaining to Lucifer; having the pride of Lucifer; satanic; devilish.
2.Of or pertaining to the Luciferians or their leader.
n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) One of the followers of Lucifer, bishop of Cagliari, in the fourth century, who separated from the orthodox churches because they would not go as far as he did in opposing the Arians.
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Understanding Alinsky's Luciferian logic and tactics makes the monomaniacal Democrat/Antifa fixation on polarizing and demonizing Trump much more comprehensible.
Accordingly, the noble patriarch, is a Wiccan, "religious extremist" and "borderline psychopath" who befriends the Luciferian fallen angels, (5) while the Creator is a "distant--unaware or uncaring--overseer who cares more about the animals than humans.
Among the topics are the revisionist visionary, the nameless initiates, initiation: the astral plane, irreconcilable worlds and monstrous birth in 20th-century literature, the Luciferian Doctrine, the esoteric doctrine of live, the birth of the Ruach Elohim, and black Helen and dark Achilles.
Bailey and the Luciferian New Age movement before, I would have been hard pressed to believe it.
One of the victims was Vincent, priest in an unnamed Baetican city, who remained in communication with the Luciferian bishop Gregory of Iliberris (Granada) and consequently suffered persecution at the hands of bishops Hyginus of Corduba (who had previously persecuted the Priscillianists) and Luciosus of an unnamed diocese (76).
In his study there are 'books on demonology', and his statement to his family at the breakfast table, 'I am God', accompanied by his laughter, has a distinctly Luciferian ring (14, 4).
In The Prague Cemetery, Eco removed the linear development from "Palladian" Freemason to Roman Catholic, thereby introducing a multiple personality disorder to an already fantastic construction--with the "good" Diana being a virtuous Christian, and the "bad" Diana a sexually depraved Masonic Luciferian.
They may well be correct that he would not have made much of a priest, hut it means that the single plank that might have arrested his lifelong, Luciferian hurtle to earth has been torn from under his feet.
In the end, even Lafite, "proud and without love" whose pride Werfel describes throughout the novel as Luciferian, is spiritually reborn at Lourdes through suffering and childlike prayer to Mary, the ever humble "Morning Star" (556).
Tinguely's most famous iteration, Homage to New York, which self-destructed in the courtyard of the Museum of Modern Art in 1960, was dubbed by the artist a "simulacrum of catastrophe," a "cynical object, both luciferian and phantomatic in nature.
In the movie, although Saul's surname represents the Luciferian side of MacArthur's challenge, Saul himself is no rebellious Lucifer.