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Noun1.Lucille Ball - United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989)Lucille Ball - United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989)
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The National Comedy Center announced plans to digitize archives of Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum on the occasion of the 30th death anniversary of 'I Love Lucy' star, reported The Hollywood Reporter.
Lucille Ball, in I Love Lucy - one of the first American TV shows to make an impact in Britain
-- A much-maligned statue of Lucille Ball will get a face lift after it drew worldwide attention as ''Scary Lucy,'' according to the mayor of the western New York village where the 1950s sitcom actress and comedian grew up and her life-size bronze has stood since 2009.
Also highly recommended for art documentary collections is Altina ($27.95, 89 min.), a biographical DVD about a trendsetting Jewish-American artist known for her boldness, her work to aid Holocaust survivors and the civil rights movement, and her inventive creations including the Harlequin "cat's eye" sunglasses worn by stars such as Lucille Ball.
FUNNY GIRL by Nick Hornby Viking, PS18.99 (ebook PS6.99) NICK Hornby's seventh novel tells the story of Barbara, a Blackpool beauty queen, who dreams of small screen stardom like her comedy hero, Lucille Ball.
Ceej predicts that our humor section might help you discover your inner comic, too, just like great comedians such as Ellen DeGeneres and Lucille Ball did.
Inspired by giants such as Lucille Ball, Maureen Lipman and Victoria Wood, I suppose I see myself as a storyteller who is trying to say something with laughs.
I married five times and was a distant cousin to Lucille Ball. I was Fred Astaire's dance partner in ten Hollywood musicals, including Top Hat and Shall We Dance.
Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Glen Campbell and President Gerald and Belly Ford were regular visitors to the house.
Grant, Sigmund Freud, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabrielle Giffords, Christa McAuliffe, Justin Bieber, Fred Rogers, Iron Man, Oedipus the King, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Joe Paterno, Edith Wilson, the Dalai Lama, Confucius, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, Tina Fey, Monica Seles, Edgar Allan Poe, Secretariat, Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, George Washington, Robin Hood, Sherlock Homes, Merlin, Betsy Ross, Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Bill Cosby, Jesus, and Harry Potter.
She later backtracked on the "shrine" description, downgrading it in similarity to her friend's similar configuration of pictures and collectables of Lucille Ball (who wasn't around to serve in the Civil War, for those with historical literacy deficiencies).