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A trademark for a thermoplastic acrylic resin used as a substitute for glass and in paints and enamels.


a transparent acrylic-based plastic
Also called: Perspex


(ˈlu saɪt)
a transparent or translucent plastic, any of a class of methyl methacrylate ester polymers.
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Noun1.Lucite - a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resinLucite - a trademark for a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin
polymethyl methacrylate - a transparent plastic used as a substitute for glass
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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The base of my lamp separated so I applied a small ring of Gorilla Glue around the Lucite bottom and set the top of the lamp on it.
A Dunhill "Aquarium" table lighter recently sold for more than PS5,000 These lighters are one-off items, each individually designed, etched on to the reverse of the Lucite panel and then painted by hand.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 14, 2018-Plaskolite Adds Acrylic Sheet Business of Lucite to Portfolio
Target: Lucite International/ continuous cast acrylic sheet business
For inspiration for the bar's discreet brass, leather, and lucite aesthetic, the team also trekked to Shanghai, soaking up the sepia-toned energy of the French Concession's Bar Constellation.
At Times Retired Employees May Request To Purchase A Badge And Have It Put Into Lucite. The Repaired Or Refurbished Flat Badges Must Be Put Into A Black Leather Notebook Style Wallet.
To book your place, call 01642 865 528 | Lucite International Three former servicemen sponsored throughout their training by Lucite International are some of the first in the country to "pass out" of the pioneering new employerdesigned Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard.
Wide variety of Lucite, Pagoda, Rattan, Faux Bamboo & Hollywood Regency style furniture.
Before joining Chemoxy, Paula - an electrical engineer and an expert in process control - held key positions for other leading companies, including six years as Lucite's European resins business director, and as global procurement director at Mitsubishi Rayon Lucite Group.
Epicure -- Drawn to the artisanal traditions of the Mediterranean, warm textures and decorative accents make a point on reworked espadrille loafers and modern lucite, imbuing character and rich flavour.
Oliver & Maude's first collection featured monogrammed chopping and serving boards, as well as Lucite trays with monograms, which remain bestsellers to this day.
Name of client : Sabic -- Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Lucite International, MRC -- Mitsubishi Rayon Company Budget : $500 million Facility type : Dimethyl Ether (DME) Sector : Petrochemicals Status : EPC ITB Location : Jubail Feed : Tecnicas ReunidasBackground Due to a growing demand of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA) in the region, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (Sabic) and Mitsubishi Rayon Company (MRC) have created a joint venture agreement to construct two acrylate plants in the kingdom.