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Similarly, if a life insurance policy pays off so lucratively that the insured's beneficiaries are better off if he or she is dead, death sometimes results.
Gaming, video and music portals are concepts which operators have hoped would transfer quickly and lucratively into the mobile arena.
45 million for a sprawling Brentwood residence just across the street and a few doors down from the above-mentioned vacant lot which they lucratively flipped in April for $10.
The new report, 'Lead-Acid Battery Market in India," states that the battery market in India is experiencing rising demand from various sectors, thereby providing immense opportunities to manufacturers to grow and operate in the market lucratively.
Staffed by a mish-mash of lucratively rewarded stars from across the globe, it was no wonder that they managed to squeeze the life out of a Newcastle side that simply couldn't find any offensive rhythm whatsoever.
AFSOUN'S chasing career has been on hold for a couple of years for no other reason than he was so lucratively employed over hurdles.
The main objective is to establish the club in the Premiership and given the club have failed to do that it is astonishing the man responsible for that failure has been rewarded so lucratively.
Kuzma joins NES from Cole Taylor Bank and will develop an added level of sales support and administrative efficiency for the hefty number of title, banking and attorney partners that the NES Chicago team has lucratively added over the past year.
9 million and lucratively flipped in July to Sean Parker for $55 million.
It's closer to the vertiginous philosophical satires of Borges or Kafka, though - updated with details such as the destruction lucratively wrought by obscure financial instruments, and the dangers of 'community' law.