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The Middle East and Africa is anticipated to grow lucratively due to rising demand for biomedical textiles, specifically from the GCC countries.
While cash is king, this isn't the case for an investment company like Berkshire Hathaway that aims to put its capital to work in companies that it views as lucratively valued.
Such lucratively priced bonds would certainly attract banks.
From a container wafts the sweetly pungent odor of coffee grounds which, far from being discarded as waste, are being lucratively recycled to produce oyster mushrooms.
The NCP - NCP appears to have significant differences within that only the lucratively of the two thirds majority appears to have been holding together.
"It was once highly valued for dyeing wool, but now it is very lucratively smuggled high market decorative items."
Roadshows/aggressive sales calls and lucratively crafted packages by these hotel brands are key to attracting this source market;
Meanwhile, David Cameron is lucratively working for big business, George Osborne is Editor of the London Evening Standard and has six other jobs, Nigel Farage is still an MEP and Boris Johnson is still writing his poison for The S*n and Telegraph - good one, Dave!
IN spite of the presence of security agents, namely: the Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Army and the Marine Police, among others, the business of crude oil theft manifesting in the forms of illegal refineries and siphoning crude oil into vessels in the high seas for export, is still lucratively thriving in the Niger Delta region.
Lucratively, Egypt is among the top 25 markets in the world (according to the 2017 Africa Competitiveness Report).
Our goal at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to help our members conduct their business as seamlessly, efficiently and lucratively as possible, but we also seek to help them grow their business and expand into high- growth, high-potential regions.