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 (lo͞o-kŭl′əs), Lucius Licinius 110?-57? bc.
Roman general and consul. After achieving great success in Rome's war against Mithridates VI of Pontus, Lucullus returned to Italy and enjoyed a retirement noted for its self-indulgent luxury.
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(Biography) Lucius Licinius (ˈluːsɪəs lɪˈsɪnɪəs). ?110–56 bc, Roman general and consul, famous for his luxurious banquets. He fought Mithradates VI (74–66)
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(luˈkʌl əs)

Lucius Licinius, c110–57? B.C., Roman general and epicure.
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Noun1.Lucullus - Roman general famous for self-indulgence and giving lavish banquets (circa 110-57 BC)
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Lucullus answered Pompey well; who, when he saw his stately galleries, and rooms so large and lightsome, in one of his houses, said, Surely an excellent place for summer, but how do you in winter?
He flung words of scorn at Lucullus and piled invectives upon Brillat-Savarin.
We had a glorious Christmas dinner, fit for the halls of Lucullus, and ate far more than was good for us, none daring to make us afraid on that one day of the year.
"Alas, I may say with Lucullus, if I could have anticipated the honor of your visit, I would have prepared for it.
There were other food writers before Doreen-particularly the renegade English aristocrat Lord Anthony Moynihan, who wrote the occasional restaurant review in his colorful column 'Lucullus' in Business Day, the forerunner of today's Business World.
For four centuries after the Roman legions of Lucullus and Pompey arrived, the Mesopotamian Borderland remained one of the most important stages for imperial interaction in the Roman world, says Cameron, the stage on which imperial power was compelled to be manifest by the ever-present threat of the Persian "Other." Considering first tradition and narrative, then movement and power, he discusses such matters as Strabo's sources, Hellenistic knowledge, Ammianus Marcellinus, Pliny the Elder, arranging people, desert routes, representing Mesopotamian trade, Roman power in the Borderland, and globalization and networks in the Mesopotamian Borderland.
Ou seja, '[...] o que e a verdade e como conhece-la' e '[...] o que e o bem e como pratica-lo' (Cicero, Lucullus IX, 29d), evidenciando assim que a preocupacao principal da filosofia na antiguidade, como ciencia do bem, nao era somente de ordem especulativa, mas de ordem pratica.
The film opened in Chicago in May 1917 to favorable notices--except from Metallus Lucullus Cicero Funkhouser.
La tercera obra compuesta es Cuestiones Academicas, de la que conservamos incompleto el primer libro de la tercera edicion, conocido como Academica posteriora I, y el segundo libro de la primera redaccion conocido como Lucullus o Academica priora II.
Hiely Lucullus, founded in 1938 by Andre and Pierre Hiely, sits inside the walled city of Avignon on a second floor overlooking a postcard street scene.