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Noun1.Luculus - Roman general famous for giving lavish banquets (110-57 BC)
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ACCIAC-CATURA and ALEMBIC, LATRODECTUS MACTANS and NEUTRAL DENSITY POINT, CHIAROSCURO and PROPRIOCEPTION and TESTUDO and ANNULATE and BRICOLAGE and CATALEPT and GERRYMANDER and SCOPOPHILIA and LAERTES--and all of a sudden it occurs to Gately the aforethought EXTRUDING, STRIGIL and LEXICAL themselves--and LORDOSIS and IMPOST and SINISTRAL and MENISCUS and CHRONAXY and POOR YORICK and LUCULUS and CERISE MONTCLAIR and then DE SICA NEO-REAL CRANE DOLLY and CIRCUMAMBIENTFOUNDDRAMALEVIRAT- EMARRIAGE and then more lexical terms and words speeding up to chipmunkish and then HELIATED and then all the way up to a sound like a mosquito on speed, and Gately tries to clutch both his temples with one hand and scream, but nothing comes out.
See its golden treasures and fantastic frescoes of bull-dancers and dolphins, eat lunch at Luculus (Korai 5, 0030 2810 224435, for super grilled seafood, pasta or pizza, in a shady courtyard), or Parasies, (Platia Istorikou Mouseio, 0030 2810 225009, with outside tables and a view of the sea, both from around pounds 14-20 per head) - and be back at the pool by early afternoon.