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also san·te·ri·a  (săn′tə-rē′ə, sän′-)
An African-based religion similar to voodoo, originating in Cuba, which combines the worship of traditional Yoruban deities with the worship of Roman Catholic saints.

[From American Spanish santería, worship of saints, from Spanish santo, saint, from Old Spanish, from Late Latin sānctus; see saint.]


(Christian Churches, other) a Caribbean religion composed of elements from both traditional African religion and Roman Catholicism
[American Spanish, literally: holiness]


or San•te•ri•a

(ˌsɑn təˈri ə)
(sometimes l.c.) a religion merging the worship of Yoruba deities with veneration of Roman Catholic saints: practiced in Cuba and spread to other parts of the Caribbean and to the U.S. by Cuban emigrés.
[1980–85; < American Spanish]
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La jornada laboral no represento un factor influyente, segun los resultados; sin embargo, Lucumi y Gomez (19) hablan de los oficios del hogar como una actividad principal que desarrollan las mujeres y que a menudo no tienen en cuenta.
Buitrago, Juliana (ab); Gomez, Sandra (b); Guerra, Alvaroa (b); Lucumi, Leidy (a); Romero, Cesar (a); Sanchez, Julio (a) *.
Moreover, Wirtz approaches initiation ceremonies and tambores as instances of ritual discourse, a kind of communication that is riddled with ambiguities because it is voiced in an esoteric register known as Lucumi. The Yoruba-related language of Santeria's deities is not secret, but even trained initiates struggle with interpretation.
These common themes are found in Haiti's Vodun, Cuba's Lucumi (Lukumi) and Santeria, Jamaica's Kumina (Cumina), Myalism, Pocomania (2) and Revival Zionism, Brazil's Candomble, Nago and Umbanda, Trinidad's Shango, Orisha Worship and Shouters, St.
Pero sobre todo, porque la misma idea de normatividad no es para nada congruente con la tradicion lucumi, ni con todo lo que sabemos sobre la santeria afrocubana.
She was a Lucumi slave on the Triunvirato sugarcane plantation, in what is now the Cuban province of Matanzas, and in 1843 she led one of the many uprisings against the terrible stigma of slavery, and she gave her life in the struggle."
Santeria (also known as Lucumi, or Regla Ocha), Brazilian Candomble, and
Flowers examples the New World phenomena of syncretization and creolization or cultural blending that is evidenced throughout the African diaspora; for example, Santeria/ Lucumi in Cuba, Vodun/Voodoo in Haiti, and Obeah in Trinidad.
By absorbing Afro-Cuban oral culture both throughout her childhood and through adult research, Cabrera was later able to publish a dictionary of lucumi (Yoruba), as Blacks used it on the island.
...he was shocked by her revelation that his father periodically took his black mistresses to Lucumi Beach and made love to them on the sand for a few dollars.
Victor Guaza Lucumi, tiene 19 anos y desde hace al menos seis salio de su terruno en Colombia tras el sueno de ponerse alguna vez una camiseta de algun equipo de futbol profesional.
Some sources estimate that as much as 70 percent of the population practice Santeria or la regla lucumi, which have their roots in West African traditional religions.